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Mrs Serdang 2010

I will treasure this moment - the fairytale - the legend of mine.

I had so much fun dancing with shah and her girl, I had fun tailoring my talent outfit, I had fun practicing with hubby, from planning to anything with my idealist man. Seriously, I miss the waka waka dance cum stripping performance. (Now Jaden knows how to sing and dance along with waka waka with me too) It’s about 1.5 week of rush & dedicated work and am so happy with the outcome. And am so happy I found some angels who assist to make this dream possible. Special thanks to hubby, shah with my lovely Barbie & my pilate sifu - Jasslyn (well, I am here promoting pilate again) ;D
It’s of course nervous to be on stage, but as the crowd cheer and laugh with you, we gain confidence. It’s no longer a competition while I am on stage, it’s just like my kindergarten performance, enjoying without stress. I am proud to dance on stage again after well so many years.
I am overwhelmed with joy to be the 1st runner up. The best part is when the crowd starts to yell my number, I am already flattered. It’s not the prize but they love my show what matters – to them I am already their champion. To do something with effort which reaps acknowledgement is my best accomplishment. Did I tell mum & mum in law I will stop joining all these?… well my itchy body tells me she loves to perform again, well maybe not this year – if she can hold on to other extra activity to do. ;p
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