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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#UberPark: Reclaiming Paradise From Parking Lots

Joni Mitchell once shared the inspiration behind the line, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” in Big Yellow Taxi. She said, “I took a taxi to the hotel and when I woke up the next morning, I threw back the curtains and saw these beautiful green mountains in the distance. Then, I looked down and there was a parking lot as far as the eye could see, and it broke my heart... this blight on paradise.”

If you’ve recently been around the Klang Valley, you might have noticed an odd sight - a parking lot that has been “reclaimed” and made into a park. This initiative by Uber Malaysia, called #UberPark is designed to provoke Malaysians’ imagination and ask themselves: What would Malaysia look like if we had fewer cars on the roads, which needed fewer parking spaces, and had more parks or gardens instead?

Malaysia is known to have the third highest rate of car ownership in the world with 9 out of 10 households owning at least one car (Nielsen, 2014). In addition, Malaysia also ranks third in the world for multiple car ownership, with 1 in 2 households having more than one car. All these cars need to be parked somewhere!

“Uber sees a real need here to provide real solutions for real problems in cities. The concept of ride-sharing is about moving more Malaysians in fewer cars,” said, Kenny Choong, General Manager - Uber EVERYWHERE, of Uber Malaysia.

So, what’s the idea behind #UberPark? Choong said, “What we’re aiming to establish with #UberPark is a vision and challenge to Malaysians, that one fewer car on the road means one fewer parking lot occupied, and more space for leisurely activity. If this concept can be replicated, even by the people’s own initiative, it indirectly helps our environment a little more. Imagine what Malaysia would look like with fewer cars, and more parks or leisure spaces instead?”

Since Malaysia Day on 16 September, Uber has been transforming parking lots in various areas in and around the Klang Valley, into pop-up parks, attracting curiosity from Malaysians.

Miriam, from Kuala Lumpur stumbled upon an #UberPark on the way to get desserts at Inside Scoop in Bangsar. She said, “It was refreshing to the eye to see how a car park was transformed into a park. How unexpected! My friends and I ended up having our ice-cream at the #UberPark itself. It would be nice to see more spaces like this around KL.”

More #UberParks can be anticipated in various locations until the end of September. While the results are immeasurable, Choong said he hopes people will catch on to the idea and think proactively about contributing towards reduced congestion. He said, “Imagine what our cities could look like if we employed the concept of ride-sharing in our everyday routines. It creates an ecosystem that benefits the people and the environment. It’s a choice Malaysians can make with Uber’s technology, at the touch of a button.”

So, how about not driving, and letting Uber take you to an #UberPark today?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pelikan launched its sister brand Herlitz’s 2016 schoolbag range, 'Clever Classmate'.

Congratulation to German Stationery Brand Pelikan for the launch of their latest Herlitz Schoolbags range, 'Clever Classmate'. Herlitz schoolbags are known to meet the demands of children and parents when it comes to safety and ergonomics features, and 'Clever Classmate' is set to improve these features and at the same time, offer plenty of attractive and fun designs which will set the trend amongst school going children.

The 'Clever Classmate' collection was launched at Pelikan's flagship retail outlet, the Pelikan Store at The Gardens Mall. Speaking at the event, Head of Pelikan Malaysia Ms Loo Phik Yin said, “We are confident that the new attractive designs and improved ergonomic features of the 'Clever Classmate' collection will be more suitable and meet the requirements of parents and students alike, while at the same time we hope that the herlitz schoolbags will gain more attention and popularity amongst students.”

Refreshment sponsored by Delectable - The Gardens Mid Valley, with Pelikan mascot appearance occupied the kids.
You may ask what is so unique with Herlitz “Clever Classmate”schoolbag?

a) Highest quality in manufacturing standards and materials, therefore a guarantee in high reliability and durability. 

b) Clever allocated space for school materials. 

c) Equipped with breathable and ergonomically shaped back padding on all models - for carry comfort and optimal weight distribution

d) Reflective material of the quality brand 3M which reflects light especially at dimmer places aimed to accompany your child safely to school and back home. 

e) In some models there is magnetic twist “Smart Lock” that allows the bag to open easily and close automatically. 

Most of the herlitz schoolbags sold in the market are “Plus” models, meaning to say the schoolbags are filled with additional accessories such as sports bag, lunch box, pencil case and pencil pouch. The best part is that herlitz schoolbags are generally light in weight despite the sizes.

There are eight models available under the 'Clever Classmate' collection, each with their own unique features. The 'Flexi' and 'Motion' models are the biggest in terms of weight and volume, which
make them suitable for upper primary pupils. 'Sporti', 'Midi', 'Smart', 'Mini' and 'Children Backpack' are more suitable for the younger pupils while the 'Rookie' and 'Mini Softbag' models are for children attending kindergarten and pre-schools.

The herlitz schoolbags are attractive in designs with high quality and ergonomic features.
Some Clever Classmate collection that caught my eyes during the launch.
From Top right: Herlitz Backpack, Herlitz Mini Softbag, Herlitz Motion Plus, Herlitz Mini, Herlitz Sporti Plus.
Jaden with his motion plus bag. It feels lighter even with the same content of books compare with other bags. Daddy is really happy to see herlitz has a perfect adjustable chest strap and removable hip strap that gives the perfect support of weight. With Herlitz adjustable shoulder straps and breathable back padding, kids are assured of great back support too.
Included in the motion series plus bag is 17pcs motion pencil box

Check this out: I love the fact that the bag is very different from the traditional look of the normal school bag. It looks like a backpack just as the "Deuter" backpack that daddy has for outing too. 

The 'Clever Classmate' collection is available at the Pelikan Store as well as at the selected outlets of Times bookstores, Borders Bookstore, MPH Bookstores and Isetan (KLCC and The Gardens Mall).

Batik Painting art class using Pelikan Royal Blue Ink 4001 to paint the paper and using Pelikan ink eradicator to draw the pattern. It's unique compared to the draditional drawing on art block. 
The art class is conducted every weekend at Pelikan store, The Gardens Mid Valley.

Other than the 'Clever Classmate' schoolbags, the event at Pelikan Store also saw the launching of new products by Pelikan, herlitz and Susy Card, a brand that specialises in papeterie and party supplies. The new products launched were griffix®, Twist® and Style writing instruments, Space+ paintbox 24 colours and water container from Pelikan, the SmileyWorld Rainbow & Splash stationery series from herlitz.

Where Is This?

Pelikan Store @ The Gardens Mid Valley

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Friday, September 2, 2016

DASHING ADVENTURER introduce the first NO GAS deodorant spray in Malaysia!

DASHING is proud to announce the re-launch of its ADVENTURER collection of EDT’s, Deodorants and Roll-On fragrances. The new fragrances are specially formulated to last longer and provide freshness throughout the day, especially for active men. These 2 variants named BOLD 2.0 - aquatic scent with fresh, crisp and enticing fragrance and EDGE 2.0 as per our review below:
Thanks for having us to try on EDGE 2.0 series and here is the new packaging:

The new premium packaging for DASHING ADVENTURER comes in a variety of vibrant colours. The unique packaging also features interesting 3D touch design that will impart the exclusive look and feel to their consumers. The box surface is laden with textures for elegant and exclusive touch. EDGE 2.0 is specially designed with Jeep tyre print to epitomise the extreme sports and outdoor activities, in line with the characteristic traits of a true blue adventurer.

Unlike conventional deodorant sprays that finishes within 3 weeks, the NO GAS deodorant spray as its name suggests, contains compact pure deodorant liquid that can provide up to 750 sprays per can and able to last up to 2 months. Besides providing 6-in-1 benefits, consumers too can enjoy twice the fragrance compared to normal plus cost saving! Moreover, the quick drying technology will leave your underarms feeling dry and prevents bacteria growth whilst providing unparalleled and everlasting freshness throughout the day. 

Deodorant Spray 150ml – Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY
retails at RM 18.90 inclusive of 6% GST.

Deodorant Roll-Ons 40ml - Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY
retails at RM 6.50 inclusive of 6% GST. 

EDT 50ML - Available in 2 variants, EDGE 2.0 and XTREME retails at RM 18.90 inclusive of 6% GST. 
EDT 100ML – New variant PURE ENERGY retails at RM 34.50 inclusive of 6% GST.

Hubby like the EDGE 2.0 EDT series as it comes with fresh citron smell with mild scents of geranium and greens. The hint of cedar wood adds woody undertones. Freshness especially at work for hours.

As for deodorant rolls on, it has the same scent, somehow or rather I felt the smell is stronger. Deodorant spray is great as it's quick drying and with no gas technology, great for environment too.

Definitely something for the on the go masculine man - if you are on a budget, EDT Edge 2.0 is worth to try. 
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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ecowell Rejuvenating 30-Day Travel Essentials Organic Bath Care Series

Rejuvenating 30-Day Travel Essentials
Organic Bath Care Series

Shampoo 50ml

Organic Myrtus and Chamomile
Shines and Revitalizes
Cleanses, protects and retains natural moisture. Formula is refreshes and invigorates scalp keeping hair shiny, healthy and beautiful.

Hair Conditioner 50ml
Organic Shea Butter
Nourishes and Smoothens
Softens, nourishes, protects and repairs dry and damaged hair. Lightweight yet intensive hair and scalp nourishment. Prevents frizz and keeps hair healthy and manageable.

Shower Gel 50ml
Organic Myrtus and Chamomile
Refreshes and soothes
Soft, gentle with a warm vanilla scent, it cleans, purifies and refreshes skin.

Rich Moisturizing Body Lotion 50ml
Organic Shea Butter & Apricot Oil
Replenishes and restores
Renews, balances and drenches skin with deep hydration, locking in vital moisture. Protects against premature aging and removes wrinkles.

Bath Lily
Gently exfoliates
  • 30-Day Application
  • Organic Bath and Body Care Collection
  • ICEA-Certified Organic
  • Dermatologically Tested.
  • Normal to Oily Skin
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Travel-Friendly Pack

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Scott’s® Launches DHA Gummies for Bright Little Explorers at Aquaria KLCC

Scott’s® offers yet another solution to help support brain development, now in a tasty and chewable gummy format

As children get older, their curiosity manifest in new ways and moves beyond just asking questions. Mothers are constantly on the lookout for new experiences to satisfy their children’s exploratory needs. Scott’s®, a Malaysian household favourite1 from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK CH), understanding this need have introduced an innovative and fun product: the new Scott’s® DHA Gummies.

A source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid which is a building block of the brain and eyes, as well as Vitamin D which is essential for healthy growth and development, Scott’s® DHA Gummies has been launched in addition to the heritage product Scott’s® Emulsion Cod Liver Oil, to appeal to older children aged four and above.

At the launch, Stacy Wallace, General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Malaysia & Brunei, said, “The new Scott’s® DHA Gummies ascertains a mother’s effort in providing a tasty and enjoyable way to help children meet their daily intake of DHA. DHA helps to support normal brain function and development. A well-functioning brain can help support cognitive abilities such as learning, attention, memory and problem-solving2. Scott’s® DHA Gummies aims to provide moms challenged with busy schedules a helping hand when it comes to contributing to the DHA intake of their child.
“Available in delicious orange or strawberry flavours and in the shape of three different sea creatures, the DHA component in Scott’s® DHA Gummies is microencapsulated with a patented technology that locks in the goodness of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell. This helps entice children to take in the key nutrients that help support their brain development and growth in a more fun and enjoyable way.”

As part of the launch, Scott’s® invited an expert to share further on the importance of DHA. Coming from a significant medicine background and clinical training, Dr Ali Azman Minhaj is a certified paediatrician who has been contributing his expertise to the field. With his knowledge and experience in managing cases relating to childhood and neonatal treatments, Dr Ali provided an in-depth sharing on the pivotal role of DHA in children’s overall development.

In conjunction with the unveiling of Scott’s® DHA Gummies, Scott’s® also launched its ‘Bright Little Explorers’ campaign, in a bid to raise awareness on the importance of DHA in supporting children’s brain development as well as helping nurture curiosity and adventurous minds.
A variety of programmes ranging from digital media engagement to a partnership with Aquaria KLCC with programmes such as the ‘Discovery Hunt’ and ‘Sleep with Sharks’, these are some of the brain-teasing activities Scott’s® is excited to share with moms and their kids.

Stacy added, “Featuring brain-stimulating activities, Scott’s® ‘Bright Little Explorers’ campaign has been developed to help trigger children’s inquisitive nature. We understand that moms can be strapped for time to look for new experiences in satisfying their children’s exploratory needs. Having been loved for the past 50 years by Malaysian moms and children, Scott’s® is proud to launch its new chewable format together with an online curiosity stimulator along with various on-ground activities to provide exciting resources to help moms stimulate their children’s curiosity.”

Besides making provision for children, Scott’s® will also be launching content in collaboration with an augmented reality app called ‘Blippar’, for parents to gain easy insights on DHA as well as engage in fun activities such as puzzles and virtual photo booths.

GSK CH has a strong heritage in nutrition with a number of category-defining products. Its mission is to help consumers improve strength and increase physical growth & cognitive development. GSK CH is the first and best fast moving consumer healthcare company driven by science and value and Scott’s® remains as the first choice for moms when it comes to choosing a trusted fish oil brand for their child3.

The new Scott’s® DHA Gummies is currently available at all leading retail outlets.

More information on Scott’s® DHA Gummies, ‘Bright Little Explorers’ campaign and the Blippar app can be found at http://www.facebook.com/ScottsMalaysia and https://www.scottskids.com/my.

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The Optimistic Property Trend in Malaysia

Sharing of this article if from: 

The property market in Malaysia has been the talk of the town  for quite some time, as the weak sentiment towards the market has created a state of ‘wait-and-see’ approach among buyers. However, many are still hopeful of the market in terms of long-term investment, as the market is foreseen to perform better in the coming years.
There are several factors which influence the market slowdown, as well as reasons on why property investment in Malaysia is still an interesting option.
To get a clear understanding of the current property market, check out the infographic below:

Ecowell Rich Moisturizing Body Lotion 50ml- Travel Essentials Organic Bath Series

Checking out Ecowell Rich Moisturizing Body Lotion 50ml; which comes in travel-friendly sizes with up to 30-applications and is suitable for all.

This products replenishes and restores. It renews, balances and drenches skin with deep hydration, locking in vital moisture. Protects against premature aging and removes wrinkles.

Organic Shea Butter and Apricot Oil

It's ICEA-Certified Organic, Dermatologically Tested, suitable for all and Eco-Friendly.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Printcious' Dryfit T-shirt Promotion RM5

We have always wanted a dry fit shirt but it has always been an expensive sportswear if we go for branded. For normal dry fit, you are unsure of the quality. But with Printcious latest promotion RM5, it’s a steal. 

Best more, I have tried Printcious webpage. Their service and delivery is fast.  

You can customised the colour and design as you like and the option given are aplenty. This would make it personalised and great as gift or for personal usage.

No more going to the gym with the same tee design again. Better dry material now too.

Check out their web and more term and condition:

Dryfit T-Shirts for ONLY RM5! No strings attached! The first 100 customers will be able to purchase their customisable Dryfit T-shirt for an insane discount of RM5. Hurry now, promotion last until further notice. 

  1. LIKE & SHARE our Facebook post regarding our Dryfit T-Shirts Promo and set your post visibility to PUBLIC.
  2. Tag 2 friends.
  3. Create a member account & login.
  4. In dryfit t-shirts pages, click the T-Shirts PROMO image, the price will become RM5.

  5. Click the Customise button to customise your tshirt with a text or image of your desire. After customising click Done and Add to Cart. 
  6. Then we will print and deliver out in 3 - 5 working days.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Applicable for all the type of dryfit t-shirt on website.
  • One unit per transaction.
  • Delivery charge of RM10 for West Malaysia and RM15 for East Malaysia for each t-shirt will apply.
  • Printcious logo (10cm x 3.5cm) will be printed on top at the back of t-shirt.
  • Self collection is not applicable.
  • Free delivery is applicable only for purchases RM60 and above.
  • Not applicable for order using free voucher.
  • While stocks last. Grab it now!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

ABS Powerbank with 2 years 1 to 1 exchange

Thanks for the "just in time" ABS Powerbank that was sent to me a day before flight so that I could fully use it during my recent shopping trip at Chatuchak, Bangkok.

It really comes in handy, especially when you wanted to reply messages, log in to Wi-Fi from your phone most of the time.

Why ABS?

To me:

a) I love the compact size

b) Perfect powerbank warranty of 2 years with 1 to 1 exchange, first in the market for powerbank.

c) Power last longer and could charge about 3 full charge a day - subject to the phone you use. Mine is Samsung Note 3.

d) 2 outputs are great - to be able to charge tab and phone at the same time.

Y40= 10400 mAh.

Here are some sights of chatuchak market and some foodies from Big C Supermarket that you won't want to miss on your next trip to Bangkok....

And here is the rules for travelling with power bank for your reference:

ABS Powerbank is 10,000MaH, Therefore, you can bring a few on flight.


ABS Powerbank store in 11 street officially open. Do check out their Merdeka Sale with 20% - 30% discount, promotion until 31 August 2016.

11 Street Store Link:  http://bit.ly/ABS_11Street

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ABS Malaysia

Little Twig Shampoo and Baby Oil

Thanks Koyara for the Little Twig Shampoo and baby oil.

Here is the packaging outlook. With its tagline: Natural Care for the whole family.
I have always love Lavender, here Tangerine smell is unique too.

Here are the benefits of little twig range of products:

The shampoo is in the form of liquid, and upon lather on hand there is minimal bubbles, unlike some of products off the shelf. Kids enjoyed using it as there is no irritation to the eye, due to it's organic and safe content.

As for Little Twig baby oil, we love it to use to massage the whole body before sleep. With a nice lavender smell, it promotes good sleep and massage with little twig baby oil also promotes good bonding between parents and kids.

Can't wait to try on lavender baby wash so that I could share more with you, my readers - as it was currently out of stock.

Baby wash is something that parents look for, as we need something soothing so that it doesn't dry the skin, especially dealing with eczema.

Stay Tune!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ecowell Hair Conditioner 50ml - Travel Essentials Organic Bath Series

Checking out Ecowell Hair Conditioner 50ml; which comes in travel-friendly sizes with up to 30-applications and is suitable for all hair type.

This products softens, nourishes, protects and repairs dry and damaged hair. It also prevents frizz and keeps hair healthy and manageable.

Organic Shea Butter

It's ICEA-Certified Organic, Dermatologically Tested, suitable for normal to oily hair and Eco-Friendly.

After every usage, hair appears to be less tangled, lightweight can serves as intensive hair and scalp nourishment too. Love it.

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