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ITALGELato @ Resorts World Genting - The only resort with an in-house Original Gelato brand

Uniquely Cool Delights at Resorts World Genting

The only resort with an in-house Original Gelato brand Eating ice cream is considered a guilty pleasure but these days there are ice cream recipes that allow one to enjoy the rich and scrumptious dessert without guilt.

At Resorts World Genting, the deliciously silky and tangy delight comes with reduced fat and is available in various funky and colorful styles, typical of true Italian class.

The resort is the only one producing an in-house ice cream brand, so is rightly proud of its unique creations that owe their exquisite flavors to the fact that the ingredients used such as milk and mixture, are imported from Italy.

Edward Holloway, the resort's Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, first came up with the idea of the resort's very own ice cream brand and today, the various exclusive designs are sold at the ITALGElato kiosks located at Lobby Cafe and Hou Mei, Genting International Showroom and at Horizon 50.

"We were brainstorming concepts for our new theme park and started researching how to achieve a perfect Italian Gelato here in Malaysia. As our innovation team did a deep dive into the processes and product we came up with ITALGElato and for fun, we set up a small stall during the school holidays. We now have four and growing! The resort is made popular for its entertainment for children, the young and young at heart. Everything we do, we do it with family in mind from magic shows to theme park and not forgetting food." says Edward.

Ice cream lovers can enjoy the dessert from 10am to 10pm daily at Lobby Café, at First World Plaza near Hou Mei Restaurant, Genting International Showroom from 6 pm until 9.00 pm during show period and also from noon to 8pm at Horizon 50.

Epicureans may very well inquire about the success of the resort's ice cream recipes. It is this: the exquisite taste and smooth texture are a result of the quality ingredients used. Milk plays an important role in ice cream making and only the best quality milk product is utilised in creating the resort's ice cream products.

While I am done with the formal of ITALGELato... let's venture it's gelato making.

The good thing is getting to hands on, and the best thing is the session is privately ours on that day.

This is an ice cream machine from Italy. Base cream is put into the machine and to let it run for about 20 minutes. The lower percentage of fat, of course, is another plus point of the ice cream that is sterilised by the UHT method. There is much focus on nutrients, hence the product has no added colours, preservatives and additives.

The presentation, texture and taste all originated from Venice in Italy.

The Making of Gelato Arancia Cheese Cake (Orange Cheese Cake

 There are two signature gelato flavours and must try are the Gelato Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate) and Gelato Arancia Cheese Cake (Orange Cheese Cake). The Gelato Cioccolato Fondente uses Belgium dark which means 99% of pure chocolate.

The Gelato Arancia Cheese cake is another heavenly dessert. Basically a cheese cake is considered a cake and not an ice cream. In this case, Fior di Arancio is pure zest orange that is flavourful and unique.

Other Gelato includes, Vaniglia (Vanilla), Straciatella (Cream & Chocolate), Rocher, Tiramisu, Coppel del Nono old recipe, Morbidella (Cookies Flavor), Affogato Amarena (Mix Red Berries), Nocciola (Hazelnut), Biscotto alla Cioccolato (Peanut and Chocolate), Red Velvet and Black Forest which is new flavor).

The ice-creams are sold at RM9.50 for one flavor, RM19.00 for two flavors, RM28.50 for three flavors and RM38.00 for four flavors.


As for Stick Ice Cream and Minou Ice Cream, they each come in five distinctive flavours, namely lemon, hazelnut, pistachio, strawberry and Gianduja(Chocolate & Hazelnut). They are priced at RM9.50 for sticks and RM7.50 for minou.

Love this Minou. Small and easy to the mouth.

Here are the containers boxes

Cone is fitter well in here so that you can taste lots of flavor

Tadaaa.... Red velvet, mango, chocolate, strawberry and more...
The ice-creams are also sold in mini-cones. For a plate of 8 pieces of mini-cones is priced at RM20.00 and for 12 pieces at RM26.00.

First to board the kitchen and ands on. This is real fun.
With 2 great Chef...

Hands on and yes, guys is patience enough to make nice ones...

Look at our masterpiece... ;P
nom nom...Both of them still have plenty of room in their tummy for ice-creams...
Love the session and how do we differentiate gelato with normal ice-cream? It's by the sir content. Gelato only has 26% while normal ice-cream has about 30-35%. There is when the ice-cream melted, and you can see the liquid is actually lesser with normal ice cream.

As for the serving temperature, gelato which is more tense only need a temperature ranging from -5 to -10 Celsius. Should you need to keep it longer for the freshness, -12 to -16 Celsius.
Normal Ice cream, will need about -20 Celsius.

For more information, please call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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