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My confinement Ginger Beef dish that takes only 5 min cooking time - made possible with True Aussie Beef!

Confinement food is very important for mothers after child birth, as well as cleanliness of the food as rightfully the food that they consume will impact the production of breast milk for their babies and to nourish mum body. Do you know that beef is rich in iron and zinc, and iron is important for red blood cell formation? Having suffcient iron in diet can help to replenish blood lost during birth delivery too. 

Personally I love confinement food as it warms the body and improve our immune system during this pandemic. 

This week I tried on Shabu shabu beef slice by True Aussie Beef to prepare my Ginger Stir Beef and best is it only takes 5 min prep time and 5 min to cook. 

Here are the ingredients and recipe to share:


1. True aussie shabu shabu beef

2. Sliced ginger, a handful

3. 1 tomato, diced

4. Coriander or any preferred green herbs

5. Sesame oil

6. Mushroom Seasoning to taste


Here is my simple recipe to follow through. Since True Aussie Beef slice take less time to cook, you just need to have a quick stir fried and its done. Perfect for busy mothers and pairing it with tomatoes and greens, its a whole packed nutrition dish. 

My cooking video is at this insta reel link https://www.instagram.com/reel/CU1zK4ipWM6/?utm_medium=copy_link

Here you go on the final outcome! Love the colours mix and this dish is delicious. Perfect paired with a bowl of rice or eat it on its own. 

Last but not least, here are some info on True Aussie Beef, to assure you its quality and halal certified details too. 

Australia is an  impeccable source  of  halal  meat  and  meat  products. A  recent  study  by  Meat  and Livestock  Australia (MLA)  has  revealed  that  animals  raised  and processed  in a  stress-free environment  produce  better  quality  meat  that  are consistent, hygienic,  safe  and  nutritious.

Australian  Halal  beef  and lamb are versatile and  suitable  for  Asian  and  western  cuisine,  turning out  delicious  and nutritious  dishes  each  time. With such  quality,  fresh  and  tender  meat,  it  takes less time  to  cook,  whether  it’s  a beef  rendang  or  a spicy  lamb  stew. 

Australian Beef Goulash with Baguette
Australian Beef Goulash with Baguette &
Australian Beef Rendang with frangrance rice and acar

Australian Beef Rendang 

Australian Beef Rendang with frangrance rice and acar
Australian Beef Goulash

All  cattle,  sheep  and  goats  processed  in Australia  for  the  Malaysia  market  are  slaughtered under  the  Australian  Government  Supervised  Halal  Program  by  accredited  Muslims.  This program  is  administered  by  the  Federal  Department  of  Agriculture in  Australia. 

Additionally,  all  processing  facilities in  Australia employ  only  registered  and trained Muslim slaughtermen  from  the  Halal  Certifying  Bodies.  They  also comply  with personal  hygiene, operational  sanitation  and animal  welfare  requirements.  These Halal  Certifying  Bodies are recognised  and  approved  by  JAKIM  (Department  of  Islamic  Development  of  Malaysia).    

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