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Ghost Discovery at Ghost Museum, Malacca

Ghost Museum Melaka is a place where you can have fun while learning about ghosts from around the world. It contains local ghosts, western ghosts and even Chinese ghosts. You can also download an app that scans the designated area for AR video experiences. This place has informative boards about ghosts in every exhibit.

The first exhibit is about normal ghosts that are covered with white cloths and are known as a very popular type of ghost. This area uses projectors to give the ghosts a very realistic appearance. Some of the props can also move by the use of motors.

The following area after the normal ghosts area is the Malay wizard area which features a statue of the wizard doing spells and some other statues of the ghosts shown at that area like Toyol and Bajang. There is a place to lie down and take an AR video of a ghost rising from your body.

After the wizard area, we headed to the Thai ghost area which features the hungry ghost, a male ghost that uses rattan rice pans and some female ghosts. There is a big hungry ghost statue that you can take pictures with and it's eyes are moving thanks to the use of projectors. There are many nice photo spots there.

There is a Chinese zombie booth or "Jiang shi" booth after the Thai ghosts. Featuring a throne at the middle surrounded with statues of Chinese zombies, marriage of death and some other ghosts. This area has some good photo spots and costumes to take pictures with too.

After the chinese zombie zone, we are greeted by the Chinese hell zone which features the hell judge's throne where you can take pictures while wearing the robes they provide. In the next room, there is a big cauldron with fake dismembered arms and legs sticked to the sides where you can climb into for photos. At certain times, some mist will be sprayed into the room for a better effect.

One of the best exhibits in my opinion is the mummy exhibit that features a room decorated with Egyptian style. There is an interactive area where you can scan with the AR app to take a video. There are many good spots for pictures like the coffin at the sides which are surrounded by decorations, mummy statues and I really like how that area captures the effect of an Egyptian tomb which are really detailed. Besides the Egyptian objects there is also a ghost hologram that is projected onto a panel of glass where you can stand behind for photos. 

One of the most disturbing exhibits is the human eating werewolves which features a lot of gore and dismembered body parts with a table in the middle surrounded by werewolves eating human flesh. There is also a human torso being cut open where you can take pictures with by putting your head over it. There are some areas on the table where you can stick your head through to take pictures with too. 

Before the exit, there is a small haunted house area with a small jungle and screens placed at the back of windows to show ghosts. It has many great spots for photos as it simulates a real building in a middle of a forest. Moving through that, you enter an area where you can take photos. It was a place for photo printing but it is not in use at the time we are there.

Where Is This?

Ghost Museum Melaka
  • 06-281 1585
  • Opening Hour 10am to 7pm daily

Encore Malaysia - the return of theatre. Reopens 30th April 2022

Encore Melaka unveils exciting live entertainment performances to usher in the return of theatre and we are there to witness its reopening to public. So excited as Encore Melaka will now collaborate with local and international artists to produce various live shows at Encore Melaka Theatre.

We are here at Encore for the "Mending the Broken Sky”, a Chinese music and drum theatre produced by arts outfit Orang Orang Drum Theatre and it was a splendid musical using various instrument to produce sound and music throughout the 55 minutes show. 

Encore Melaka’s strong engagement with various production houses that feature local and international artists and performers allowed the Group to collaborate with various performers to produce exciting, diverse and various live shows at its Encore Melaka Theatre this year. 

Encore Melaka is a world-class theatre engineered using the latest technology. The performance is presented in a new genre, and innovative art production – a 360-degree rotating auditorium and 4 main stages comprising a water & mist stage, lifting platforms, a multi-storey stage and Yarn houses and are well equipped with advanced audio and also a 3D video mapping projection. The theatre gives a truly amazing experience to every audience who visits.

补天 Mending the broken sky

The outbreaks of war have made human beings fighting, the sky has broken into a big hole, and the world has become a mess.
Nvwa, the creator of mankind, couldn’t bear it in her heart and went down to earth again to save mankind, but she was unable to rectify the disaster by herself.

The journey of unity and the story line is beautiful.

The Encore Melaka show lineup is filled with exciting names and diverse performances. Among some of the live entertainment, art and cultural shows that have been scheduled up until December 2022 include “Mending the Broken Sky”, a Chinese music and drum theatre produced by arts outfit Orang Orang Drum Theatre, “Mentega Terbang”, a Malay language movie presented by Anomalist Production and “Will you marry me?” , a music talk show presented by Toh Harnniann.

There are other strong lineups of performances until September. These include the likes of “Tanjong” (Malay Theatre), “Tribute to Terese Teng & Fei Yu-Ching” (Chinese Concert), and the English theatre entitled “Emily of Emerald Hill” which runs from June to the mid of September. 

The live performances slated to be performed in Encore Melaka is diverse, ranging from whimsical music and drum theatre, film, concert, talk show, piano recital and many more. To find more on the live performances scheduled, the audience can go to the link attached here: https://encore-melaka.com/show/.