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SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian

Love this and all SPYxFAMILY FansA limited series Collectible collection of one of Japan’s best-selling manga series and anime television series adaptation, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets now available at Guardian stores and online.

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian

SPY×FAMILY is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The story follows a spy on an undercover mission who gets married as part of his cover and adopts a child, not realizing that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath, and the woman he agrees to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin. All three must strive to keep together.

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian

As an animated web series, SPYxFAMILY was voted Number 1 Most Popular Web Comic in 2019 and the series reached 480 million views in August 2022.  By December 2023, SPY×FAMILY had over 34 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. 

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle

Anna Ng, Marketing Director, Guardian Malaysia said: “We are extremely excited to offer these FOUR collectibles sets from the massively popular SPYxFAMILY manga and anime series.  The FOUR collectibles sets are based on the characters from the manga series and all four collectibles can be obtained for RM99 each, every time our customers spend RM20 on participating brands such as Aiken, Bio Essence, Lóreal Dermo-Expertise, Eucerin, Garnier, Lóreal, Maybelline, Nivea Skin and Sunsilk or RM50 on non-participating brands in a single receipt.”

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
LOID FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
LOID FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

Collectible Item 1 is called LOID FORGER, after the father character in the anime series.  The Loid collectible which is worth RM199, has been available from 27 December 2023 and comes in the form of a special Loid Design Box which contains a Loid 14 inch laptop sleeve, a Loid acrylic phone holder and Loid lenticular waterproof stickers. 

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
YOR FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
YOR FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

Collectible item 2 is called YOR FORGER, after the mother character in the anime series.  The Yor collectible which is also worth RM199, will be available in Guardian stores from 11 January 2024 onwards and will come with a special Yor Design Box which will contain a Yor Beauty pouch, an acrylic Yor key chain with mirror and Yor lenticular waterproof stickers. 

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
ANYA FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
ANYA FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

Collectible item 3 is called ANYA FORGER, after the daughter character in the anime series.  The Anya collectible which is worth RM230, will be available in Guardian stores on 25 January 2024 onwards and will come with a special Anya Design Box which will contain an Anya A4 folder, an Anya 500 pieces puzzle box, an Anya memory game cards pack and Anya lenticular waterproof stickers. 

The final Collectible Item 4 is called the Forger Series Box pack which will be released on 28 February 2024. 

“This is a wonderful opportunity to collect some great limited edition collectibles from one of the most popular manga and anime series ever produced in Japan, that could very well become collector’s items in future. 

“Best of all, they are also carefully thought out practical items that suit our customer’s active lifestyles. So please head down to your nearest Guardian to buy or book your sets before they sell out,” added Anna.

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Shopee Influencers Champion Human-Centric E-commerce in 2024

Shopee Malaysia officially unveiled the ‘Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024’ study of over 3,000 Shopee Affiliates. The study discovered that 9 in 10 Affiliates are feeling positive for their e-commerce opportunities in 2024. These affiliates are excited to humanise e-commerce with increased personalisation, engage with more users on posts and livestreams, and drive more traffic for local sellers aligned with their values.

The Rise of Human-Centric Content 

When asked on the e-commerce trends they are most excited to embrace in 2024, 75% of affiliates were enthusiastic about creating more personalised content for their audiences. Shopee Affiliates want to have more authentic engagements with their audiences (30%), seek to personalise their content further through product education posts and livestreams (30%), while the remaining want to collaborate with more local businesses to drive awareness (15%). 

“Our affiliates are leading the charge in humanising e-commerce, providing users with original content and ultimately, building a stronger competitive edge for our local brands and sellers. This powerful statement tells us that Malaysian consumers are craving something real. They're tired of the perfectly polished posts on their feeds. They want to connect with real people, with relatable stories, and genuine experiences,” said Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, during the launch of the study today.

Sharing on the importance of authenticity and personalisation, Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Celeste Phuah believes that developing original content is important when building sincere relationships with their audiences. “As an affiliate livestreamer, I believe it is important to be honest and open with my audience during my product recommendation live sessions. I will share my opinions on the products they are interested in based on my own experiences. When I get questions from the audience, I do try my best to inform them on the various benefits and features about the products,” Celeste said.

Building Communities Through Two-Way Engagement

A resounding 94% of Shopee Affiliates anticipate a surge in user engagement through the power of authentic content and interactive livestreams. This data unveils a crucial shift in audience behaviour, highlighting the growing demand for genuine connections between Shopee buyers and sellers, with affiliates taking on the mantle to digitally bridge this gap.

Andrew Tay in his capacity as the Chief Operating Officer for Val Media, a digital portal that produces influential content, explained that his team is enthusiastic to see more engagements and interactions from their audiences this year. “In the last few years, we have been branching out from just doing product review articles, to creative informative videos and social media postings. It is inspiring to see the different ways Malaysians consume digital content and we look forward to creating more content that drives user engagement and traffic for our local sellers.”

Championing Local Businesses in a Digital World

When Shopee asked the surveyed affiliates on what they want to achieve this year, an outstanding 100% aspire to drive more traffic to local sellers in 2024. Additionally, 96% of them want to collaborate with more local sellers that are aligned with their values, reflecting their #ShopeeSapotLokal spirit in supporting Made-in-Malaysia products to fuel the nation’s vibrant digital economies.

“I enjoy working with local brands and sellers as I believe it is important to support our homegrown entrepreneurs. It lights up my heart when I drive traffic and awareness for a local seller selling hand-made or traditional products to my audiences. I can’t wait to collaborate with these sellers in 2024 to create family-friendly content that is aligned with my Muslim culture and values,” said Rita Zafran, Shopee Affiliate (Top Posting Creator).

Shopee Affiliates collectively believe that the age-old phrase ‘Honesty is the best policy’ rings true when adding a human touch to their product insights and brand recommendations. They want to build sincere and genuine connections with their audiences, and aim to partner more with local brands and sellers aligned with their social and cultural values.

The “Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024” study is part of Shopee’s thought leadership series. These data-driven insights showcase how Shopee Affiliates have the unique opportunity to build win-win relationships that drive customer loyalty for local brands and sellers. Further insights on Malaysian affiliates will be shared in greater detail in the coming week. 

Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream calms the eczema flare-ups

When it comes to sensitive and eczema prone skin, I would think of Mustela cream. Eczema could happen in babies and even adult due to environment, individual skin condition and parents and care takers like us find it challenging.

I love Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream as its part of a topical symptomatic treatment that helps reduce the symptoms of eczema by relief of skin redness and itchiness, by relieves and calms irritated and damaged skin. It’s suitable for infants, children and even adults.

Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream contains Ectoin® which helps reduce inflammatory reactions and supports the skin's regeneration process. It calms the eczema flare-ups of all family members.

I use it on my skin and daughter skin for a month now and my eczema due to my frequent expose to dishwashing liquid has improved a lot. Best is its non-greasy texture is absorbed quickly, Fragrance-free, cortisone-free, preservative-free, paraben-free and this cream contains 93% of ingredients of natural origin.

Do check it out at: Stelatopia Intense: Anti-itching eczema cream | Mustela

GoodMorning Global Group launches Malaysia’s first dry mix complete nutrition plantbased meat

Local food tech company, GoodMorning Global Group Holdings Berhad today officially launched the country’s first dry mix complete nutrition plant-based meat (PBM), that the company expects will serve the growing global demand for plant-based food alternatives.

The food product, which comes in powder form and named ‘WonderMeat’, is already making significant achievements, as seen by its induction into the Malaysian Book of Records.

Kluang Member of Parliament Wong Shu Qi, who was the guest of honour at the launch ceremony held at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, commended GoodMorning Global for their excellent achievement in the field of food biotechnology.

She added, “I am confident that Malaysia’s alternative protein products like WonderMeat, will be able to make headways in the global market and compete strongly with the more established brands, while inspiring the further development of sustainable food solutions.”

“We firmly believe that food technology holds unlimited potential, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Thus, Wondermeat isn't merely a food product; it's a leap towards a sustainable future,” said GoodMorning Global Group’s executive chairman and founder, Dato’ Dr Lim Sin Boon.

He added, “Our commitment to wellness has led to the creation of a delicious, affordable culinary experience that provides sufficient and balanced nutrition plant-based protein for our daily needs!”

WonderMeat, a plant-based meat is developed to replicate the taste and texture of animal meat, not only giving vegetarians and vegans broader options in food choices, but also a revolution that will fundamentally change the way people perceive meat by transforming the meat industry into a plant-based one, thereby reducing the dependency on animal protein to achieve food security and climate goals.

With streamlined transportation, extended shelf life, reduced cost and carbon footprint, the powdered WonderMeat transform the food industry for sustainability. Offering authentic meat texture, convenience and affordability, it marks a new era in culinary innovation.

Primarily composed of soya and pea, it is rich in dietary fibre and protein. WonderMeat is also fortified with CaHMB, and 28 types of vitamins and minerals ensuring complete nutrition in every serving.

The innovation of WonderMeat follows several earlier achievements. In July, the company secured RM20 million (US$ 4.4 million) from 1,046 investors in an equity crowdfunding campaign to propel the company's biotechnology and food technology research into new frontiers, while earlier in March the company’s plant-based nutrition beverage GSure received approval from the Sultanate of Oman’s Centre for Food Safety and Quality.


Malaysian Sellers Prioritise Trusted Shopping Experiences

9 in 10 Protected their Business from Online Scams on Shopee

A new survey of sellers on Shopee has revealed how sellers are prioritising safe shopping for customers. When 500 Malaysian local and independent online sellers were asked "Which is your platform of choice in operating a safe online business for customers?" in September 2023, 90% chose Shopee out of nine possible other marketplaces to operate on. 

“These findings demonstrate the high level of trust that Malaysian sellers have in Shopee's ability to provide a safe and secure platform for their businesses. Our platform offers a variety of innovative features and protections that help to keep customers safe, such as Shopee Guarantee, secure payment options, and Preferred+ and Shopee Mall verification programs. Shopee also works closely with law enforcement agencies to combat fraud and protect its users,” said Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee.

Tangible Impact on Sellers’ Profitabilities

The #ShopSafeWithShopee survey found that nine in ten Malaysian sellers on Shopee have protected their business from any forms of online scams or fraud in the last year. Providing trusted shopping experiences has directly translated into the following tangible benefits:

  • 53% of sellers have protected their brand reputation with stellar ratings, avoiding loss of followers, and reducing customer complaints of their store. 

  • 24% of sellers have saved expenses from any liabilities that could arise from scams such as order cancellations and processing fees.

  • 23% of sellers have sustained the long-term continuity of their operations because they are able to keep clients loyal and minimise or avoid online business disruptions.

These findings highlight the fact that sellers keenly understand that customers want to be confident that they are buying from trusted sellers and that their purchases are protected. By taking steps to ensure safe shopping, sellers know they can build trust with customers and boost their sales.

Prioritising Online Safety Features to Maximise Customer Trust

By design, Shopee strengthens responsible selling among its community of sellers by incentivizing them to ensure high standards of service to buyers. Shopee University’s Seller Education Hub also drives education through free webinars on Malaysia Brand Protection, Return Policies, and Shopee Mall. 

When asked, “When setting up your online business, what features do you prioritise to ensure your customers' safety?” Malaysian sellers who took the survey revealed:

  • 47% of sellers on Shopee have established strong operational safety standards by complying with Shopee’s safe policies and guidelines, providing excellent customer service, and accumulating customer ratings and testimonials of this record.

  • 35% of sellers have gotten verified as Shopee Mall, Preferred+, Preferred seller with the objective of allowing their customers know that they follow a 100% Authenticity Policy, adhere strictly to the 15-day return/refund policy for all buyers, and have no less than 95% of products listed as ready stock.

  • 17% of sellers ensure that their customers know that Shopee offers a variety of secure payment options and return/refund policies, such as Shopee Guarantee, where payments to sellers are temporarily held by Shopee until buyers confirm that orders are fulfilled and satisfactory.

These proactive measures are in line with the expectations Malaysian customers have when seeking safe online experiences. In a similar survey of 1,000 shoppers earlier last month, Shopee found that Malaysians value the opinions of other buyers when making online purchases. They are also likely to choose sellers who have been verified by Shopee or who have a good track record of customer service.

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FOUR winners emerged as Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty for 2023 after a four-month nationwide contest.

The Grand Finale of The Face of Healthy Beauty Contest, that was held today in Kuala Lumpur, saw 20 finalists from all over Malaysia, including two men, competing to be one of the four final winners.

The four winners are:

1.    Aqila Bt Afindi

2.    Kay Yap Yen Yin

3.    Nur Izzatul Aqma Bt Ludin

4.    Candace Cheah Sook Peng

Aqila Afindi, 22, who hails from Putrajaya and is a student at UITM said she was so happy and grateful to have won.

The 4 winners, fr left, Nur Izzatul, Kay Yap, Candace Cheah & Aqila Afindi

“I was so impressed with the other contestants, and I felt so proud to be picked as one of the four winners.  This win is not only for me but for all my family and friends who have prayed and supported me,” she said.  

Meanwhile, fashion designer Nur Izzatul Aqma, 21, who designed her own outfit for the Grand Finale said that her win is dedicated to her parents, family and friends who have supported her in all contests she has entered.

“I also gave my best effort to try to win and thankfully, my effort has been rewarded with this win.  It means a lot to me,” said Nur Izzatul who hails from Petaling Jaya.    

Kay Yap, 31, from Kuala Lumpur said she strove to be her best.

“The competition was fierce, given that all the contestants were so passionate and talented. And kudos to Guardian for being a trendsetter, by choosing brand ambassadors that also celebrates inner beauty,” Kay said.

Kay, who also won a Category prize for ‘Most Healthy’ contestant is a Multimedia Designer.

Candace Cheah is 28 years old and is a final year Veterinary Science student.

Anna Hull, Commercial Director, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said:

“We are extremely pleased to finally announce our winners for the Face of Healthy Beauty 2023.  This year’s contest received overwhelming response and the competition was stiff.  We are also delighted to find that we had participants coming from all over Malaysia to take part and we are also proud, that for the first time, we have two men among the final 20 finalists.


“As we all know, the Face Of Healthy Beauty is NOT a beauty contest or a beauty pageant.  It is a search for that special person that has all the unique qualities that Guardian believes represents the meaning of the concept of Healthy Beauty.

“This Healthy Beauty concept is at the CORE of Guardian’s brand philosophy and this concept was borne from a consumer insight that good health is the foundation of true beauty.  Our winners, therefore, will inspire others to live a healthy and beautiful life, doing things that make them feel happy and fulfilling,” Anna added.

Touted as the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, the search for The Face of Healthy Beauty is a nationwide quest to find FOUR individuals, who best fit the bill as ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’ to be Guardian’s healthy beauty ambassadors.

The Four (4) winners from the Grand Final will each receive:
One (1) year contract with Guardian
Feature on Guardian’s Advertising and Promotion materials & Other in-store collaterals

• RM10,000 Cash and RM10,000 worth of Vouchers
Products from participating sponsors and
RM5,000 worth of Guardian Bath Care products to be given to a charity organization of the winner's choice

This contest which started 26 June 2023 was open to all Malaysians aged 18 years and above.

More details of the search, and the full terms and conditions for participation are available at https://theface.guardian.com.my