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#ShopeeHaul Generates Over 423,000 Engagements with Affordable Style Tips

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 June 2024 - Shopee's 6.6 GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul livestream fashion series generated 423,000 likes for empowering women nationwide with confidence. From May 31 to June 6 2024, Malaysian celebrities and influencers Sasha Abdul Aziz, Sherry Alhadad, Afifah Nasir, and Bella Astillah provided styling tips and promoted local sellers oh Shopee Live, all united by the belief that every Malaysian woman can style herself with dignity affordably.

Shopee collaborated with local Muslim fashion brands M2 Dream, DEEM Store, ZUCCA, Panda Eyes, KM Fashion Center, Stynis Traveller Luggage & Bags Store, Zoe Arissa, Tudung Exclusive and ZEKE Store. The collection features versatile Muslimah clothing items, perfect for a variety of styles and occasions. All the items in the collection were priced between RM1 and RM40, making it super affordable for everyone. Throughout the livestream, viewers enjoyed a masterclass in affordable fashion led by the celebrity influencers. Each influencer brought their unique perspective to the table, showcasing how to style the #ShopeeHaul collection into various trendy looks.

Sasha Abdul Aziz: Modesty with a Twist 

Sasha emphasised the importance of styling over price, showcasing how to pair an oversized black tee from with a satin skirt for a comfortable yet stylish look. She advised tucking in oversized shirts or using a belt to accentuate the waist and accessorising with boots for a balanced outfit. Sasha also provided bandana styling tips, suggesting long shawls that cover the chest to complement the bandana wrap, adding a modern twist to traditional hijabi fashion. She further recommended simple small rectangle sunglasses for selfies with friends. "I like to buy cheap and affordable clothes because, for me, it’s more about how we style it rather than how expensive it is. We don’t have to buy expensive things if we know how to style them."

Sherry Alhadad: Exude Confidence with Quality Pieces

Sherry demonstrated the versatility of the floral satin and colourful tudung, transforming it into a stylish scarf wrap around the neck. She highlighted the long turtleneck dress as a perfect option for lazy days, showing how it can be styled with a belt for a simple yet chic look suitable for all body shapes. Sherry also showed how to elevate a simple oversized T-shirt with accessories like necklaces and checkered socks, creating a playful yet chic ensemble. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of quality over price, advising viewers to read customer reviews to ensure product quality. "Don’t worry about the price; the most important thing is the quality. That’s why it’s important to read the reviews left by other customers. When the consensus in the review says that the products are great, you don’t have to worry much about the quality. The most important thing is to wear the items with confidence. If we don’t exude that confidence, then it’s no use even if that item costs a lot."

Afifah Nasir: Making the Most of Versatile Pieces

Afifah provided tips on making the most of oversized shirts, demonstrating their versatility by simply rolling the sleeves. She recommended pairing stretchable long skirts with cardigans in lighter tones for a demure look, suitable even for pregnant women. Afifah also showcased the multifunctionality of chain necklaces, which can double as bracelets or belts, adding a shiny addition to any outfit. She also suggested wearing the oversized shirt as a dress for petites, and emphasized the shirt's versatility for different styling needs. "Versatility is everything. With a few key pieces, you can create countless looks that suit any occasion. The oversized shirt, for example, can be styled in many ways, making it a staple in any wardrobe.”

Bella Astillah: Style is About Expression

Bella showcased a retro look by styling a floral satin tudung wrapped around the shoulder, suitable to be worn with a black dress. She recommended pairing the elastic cargo skirt with pockets and an oversized T-shirt, completing the look with a corduroy bag for a casual day out. Bella also advised on inventive uses of bandanas, such as looping them in pants for an unexpected twist to the outfit. She further demonstrated layering techniques, pairing pleated skirts with oversized blazers and high turtlenecks for a fun office look, and emphasized that affordable fashion can look expensive with the right styling approach. "For me, price does not determine anything. Even if the clothes are the cheapest from the rest, as long as you know how to style them, you will look expensive. Style is about expression, and affordable fashion allows everyone to look stylish and unique."

Tan Ming Kit, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee Malaysia said, “Our goal with the 6.6 GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul is to empower Malaysian women with affordable and versatile fashion choices. By partnering with local SMEs, we are not only supporting local businesses but also providing our customers with high-quality, stylish options that cater to all sizes and skin tones. Stay tuned for more fashion updates and innovative style tips from Shopee.”

With Shopee’s 15 Days Free Returns program, customers do not have to worry about returns or delivery. If something doesn't fit or suit their style, items can simply be returned for a full refund, no questions asked*, with easy return options including pick-up services and convenient drop-off locations. Additionally, Shopee’s On-Time Guarantee ensures fashion items arrive on schedule, and if a parcel is late, shoppers receive an On-Time Guarantee voucher*. This allows shoppers to focus solely on slaying their style with confidence and ease.

Malaysians interested can watch the replay of the 6.6 #ShopeeHaul by these celebrities at Shopee Mamak on Shopee Live.

Shopee Guarantees Risk-Free Shopping with 15 Days Free Returns

 Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan, has recently enhanced its user experience with the launch of the ‘15 Days Free Returns’ program. This initiative, introduced on 19 March 2024, offers maximum flexibility and fosters greater trust in online shopping. With this program, users have the freedom to return eligible items across all product categories, including Fashion, Lifestyle, Electronics, and FMCG, for free within the 15-day guarantee period, allowing a full refund for 'Change of Mind' return reason with No Questions Asked*.

"At Shopee, we believe online shopping should be enjoyable and convenient for everyone," said Ming Kit Tan, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee Malaysia. "The 15 Days Free Returns program reflects this commitment. We understand that shopping preferences can evolve, and this program empowers users by allowing returns within the 15-day Shopee Guarantee period, whether due to unmet expectations, evolving needs, or simply a change of mind. It eliminates product suitability anxieties and fosters a risk-free environment, allowing users to shop with confidence on Shopee."

Shopee recognises the importance of a seamless returns policy alongside competitive pricing and attractive promotions, aligning with insights from the 'The Future of Shopping: Engaging Generation Z Shoppers in the Digital Era' market study**. This study found that 83% of Gen Z respondents prioritise value maximisation in their purchases. In other words, factors like free shipping, competitive pricing, and attractive deals are crucial motivators for them. By offering a hassle-free return option alongside these features, Shopee caters to the value-conscious nature of all shoppers and fosters a more trustworthy shopping experience.

To ensure maximum convenience with the 15 Days Free Returns program, Shopee offers multiple return options at no extra cost. Users can opt for hassle-free return pick-up from their doorsteps through partnerships with reliable third-party logistics providers under Shopee Supported Logistics (SSL) or choose to drop off returns at  any SPX Express, J&T or Pos Laju outlets nationwide. Additionally, the program allows for self-arranged returns using preferred couriers, providing maximum flexibility.

Go to https://spx.com.my/service-point to find your nearest SPX Express Service Point to return your Shopee items within 15 Days Shopee Guarantee Period - No Questions Asked*

Since its app-wide implementation on 19 March 2024, the program has garnered widespread positive feedback from both buyers and sellers alike. A long-time Shopee user, by the username Dee Library, praised the free return policy, stating, "The convenience of the free return policy has significantly enhanced my shopping experience. Previously, I often struggled when items didn't meet my expectations or if I had a change of mind, leading to regrettable purchases. Now, it's as simple as ensuring the original packaging is intact and dropping off the parcel at a SPX Express drop-off point. No more regrets!"

Echoing similar sentiments, tulipindah93 (Nurul Amira), a Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer, expressed delight, saying, "As a buyer, I can now shop without overthinking - it's incredibly straightforward and enjoyable! Even if I accidentally purchase the wrong size, I have no worries. In the past, I had to find someone to sell my preloved items to, but not anymore! I can simply return them without any questions asked, get my money back, and purchase a new item that suits me. Who wouldn't be thrilled with this initiative? Happy shopping indeed!"

Meanwhile, Mohd Shafrizal Bin Abdul Ghani, Managing Director of Inhanna, a local fashion brand, embrace the extended return policy from the perspective of a seller, stating, "As a seller, I welcome this newly extended return policy because I firmly believe that when customers feel confident in their purchases, it not only encourages them to explore our new products but also fosters trust in my shop and the Shopee platform as a whole. By prioritising customer satisfaction and offering extended returns, we not only boost buyer confidence but also cultivate enhanced customer loyalty. Ultimately, it's about fostering a positive brand perception that leads to repeat business and long-term success."

For more information about the 15 Days Free Returns - No Questions Asked* program, visit https://shopee.com.my/m/free-returns

Male Entrepreneur Builds Beauty Empire on Shopee Live

Mikaseries, the brainchild of Shopee Celebrity Squad member Zoey Rahman, has thrived for six years on the Shopee platform, rooted in entrepreneurship, innovation, and inclusivity. Inspired by his experience as an artist observing the demand for long-lasting makeup solutions in the film industry, Zoey leveraged the dynamic capabilities of Shopee Live to transform the beauty and cosmetics shopping experience, dispelling misconceptions and championing diversity in the industry.

Mikaseries debuted in 2018 alongside Zoey's induction into the Shopee Celebrity Squad. Despite the challenges inherent in entering a competitive market, Zoey received invaluable support from Shopee as he navigated his e-commerce journey.

"Shopee Live has truly been transformative," Zoey reflected. "It's not just about showcasing products; it's about fostering meaningful dialogue and empowering consumers to make informed choices. Through interactive sessions, I've had the opportunity to address concerns, highlight product benefits, and champion the message that beauty knows no gender. Mikaseries embodies more than just cosmetics; it's about embracing individuality, promoting skincare as a priority, and making beauty fun and accessible for everyone."

He continued, "During Shopee’s sales campaigns like 11.11 and 12.12, Shopee Live helps me tap into increased user activity, drawing more viewers to my sessions. Initiatives like exclusive Shopee Live vouchers and Shopee Coins further amplify their excitement, driving traffic to these events. The platform's interactive features seamlessly complement Shopee's real-time customised shopping suggestions, significantly boosting Mikaseries’ conversion rates. Thanks to Shopee Live, we have experienced remarkable upticks in viewership, growth, and sales."

Leveraging the power of Shopee Live, Mikaseries has seamlessly integrated live streaming into its marketing strategy, nurturing deeper connections with customers and fostering a sense of community. The brand maximises Shopee Live with three daily sessions, each lasting two hours, sometimes personally hosted by Zoey. This engagement builds strong connections with customers, enhancing the brand's reputation and driving sales.

Mikaseries also benefited from Shopee's comprehensive support system, including resources like Shopee University and Seller Education Hub. These channels provided essential seller education, equipping Mikaseries and others with the necessary skills to excel in the competitive e-commerce landscape. By leveraging these resources and tools, Zoey successfully navigated the challenges of the cosmetics industry and established Mikaseries as a reputable brand on the Shopee platform.

Mikaseries prides itself on offering inclusive beauty solutions suitable for all genders. Its signature product, the saffron-infused serum, MIKA ULTRA SERUM - BOOSTER, sold over 4,700 on Shopee, is meticulously formulated to combat free radicals, promote skin rejuvenation and healing, and hydrate the skin for a radiant complexion. Additionally, Mikaseries makeup, such as the popular Mikadation foundation, with over 15,000 units sold on Shopee, offers lightweight and versatile solutions suitable for both men and women, whether they opt for a heavier or lighter application.

In line with its unwavering commitment to continual growth and innovation, Mikaseries extends its offerings beyond beauty products, as showcased by its recent foray into fashion with the debut of Mikawear's Indra Exclusive at Shopee inaugural #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion show on 5 March.

During the livestreamed fashion event, watched by over 70,000 viewers across Malaysia, Mikaseries unveiled its Mikawear’s Indra Exclusive Raya Collection featuring Baju Melayu Indra and innovative instant Sampin Indra, inspired by a fusion of modern elegance and traditional heritage. These contemporary interpretations of classic silhouettes incorporate the classic ‘cekak musang’ neckline with innovative hidden buttons for added convenience and versatility.

"What better way for me to introduce my new venture to the world than through Shopee Live events? I trust the platform's interactive nature, coupled with its extensive user base and campaign-driven initiatives, which has been instrumental in driving growth and fostering lasting connections with consumers,” remarked Zoey.

Headquartered in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Mikaseries boasts a passionate team of eleven and a loyal following of over 109,000 Shopee fans. With plans to continue expanding its product range and reaching 200 physical stores by year-end, Mikaseries continues to redefine beauty and style for all.

MIkaseries’s Baju Melayu Indra paired with Sampin Indra showcased during #ShopeeRaiLokal Raya Stail Kita fashion show


Today, Goodday Charge announced Malaysia’s 1st Smoothie Gym for Kids, located in KidZania, Kuala Lumpur. Believing that the healthy development of a child comes from a holistic approach, Goodday’s Smoothie Gym supports KidZania’s realistic role-play experience by introducing the element of fitness and nutrition as a rewarding part of a person's day. 

Teaming up with KidZania, this innovative smoothie gym allows children to pedal bicycles, powering the blender's dynamo to create two delicious milk smoothies; Goodday Charge Chocolate Milk Smoothie OR Goodday Milk Strawberry Smoothie, infused with Goodday Charge’s delicious chocolate milk with energy, enriched with Vitamin B and other essential nutrients for sustained energy levels. In the context of real life, this would be someone spending their salary on a gym membership, with a healthy smoothie as a reward after each workout. Amy Gan (Vice President of Marketing, Etika) 

On top of providing a window into the working life of an adult, Goodday Charge also hopes that this experience will teach children the value of investing time and money into habits that bring positive value to their lives. Amy Gan, VP of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, expressed the company's philosophy and motivations in installing the smoothie gym. In a statement, Gan said, “Goodday’s Smoothie Gym is the first of its kind in Malaysia, which will help promote what we believe to be a good representation of a healthy adult life. Teaching children the value of work by earning KidZos, the benefits of exercise by pedalling to blend their smoothies, and then a reward at the end of the day which does not compromise on your health.” “As parents, we want children to understand that a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise, is important. We make exercise more fun and rewarding with this Smoothie Gym.

 Goodday Charge is an excellent fitness partner, providing essential nutrition, particularly Vitamin B, for sustainable energy levels.” Also taking place today was the handing over of the Key To The City by the Mayor of KidZania, Ali Hassan to Vice President of Marketing for Etika Sdn Bhd, Amy Gan officially welcoming Goodday Charge to the city as a Purpose Partner providing children with engaging activities and skill that can be used in real life. Ali Hassan, Mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur said, “We commend Goodday Charge’s efforts today, which aligns with our core values. By establishing this gym, we hope to not only get the children pedalling to a better future, but also educate parents on the benefits of providing a wholesome and balanced development. 

Kidzania Kuala Lumpur welcomes all children to come and experience Goodday’s 1st Smoothie Gym themselves.” “We want to thank Goodday Charge for becoming our Purpose Partner, joining an illustrious list of brands that have and still continue to make an impact in children’s lives. We look forward to more initiatives from them. Their creativity and passion for the healthy development of children is clear and reminds us at KidZania of why we do what we do.” 

For more information and other initiatives by Goodday, visit www.facebook.com/gooddaymilkmalaysia or www.instagram.com/gooddaymilkmy.


From L-R: Raja Jastina Raja Arshad (Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Business), Agnes Rozario, (Director of Content ASTRO), Mr Nas Muammar Zar (Cast of Keluang Man), Amy Gan (Vice President of Marketing, Etika), Ali Hassan (Mayor of KidZania KL), Annwar Beg Moghal (Cast of Keluang Man), and Anwari Ashraff (Director of Keluang Man).

Get ready to dive into a realm of excitement and wonder as Wonda Coffee together with Astro Shaw bring Keluang Man - Malaysia’s beloved superhero to life. Keluang Man, a cherished superhero figure in Malaysian culture, is well known for its portrayal of qualities such as bravery, resilience, and the power of the human spirit. Through this collaboration, WONDA Coffee and Astro Shaw aim not only to entertain but also instil these values in the younger generation. The live-action movie produced by Astro Shaw is directed and written by Anwari Ashraf, based on the iconic animation series made popular in the 1990s, promising Malaysians a whole new cinematic experience in this day and age. The partnership between both brands also came about under one key objective - supporting local talent and entertainment in Malaysia. 

Over the years, Wonda Coffee has been a strong champion of local initiatives, showing its great support for Malaysians through various campaigns and initiatives. This time, Wonda wants to connect us through our shared love for the original Malaysian superhero series, inviting everyone from young to old to reminisce our memories of Keluang Man and perhaps, embody the good qualities the character portrays. Etika’s Vice President of Marketing, Amy Gan said, ”Wonda Coffee is always close to the hearts of Malaysians. We are committed to celebrating Malaysians and the unique local talents we have. Through our collaboration with Astro Shaw for Keluang Man, we wish to reiterate our support for the local entertainment industry, backing the gifted Director, writers, talented cast, production and post-production efforts that go into bringing this legend to the silver screen. As a brand that believes in the power of local talent, we aspire to be more than just a beverage brand, but to be synonymous with Malaysians as the drink of choice Malaysians indulge in for every local cinematic journey.” "We are thrilled to partner with Astro Shaw to bring Keluang Man to life in such an engaging and interactive way. Here at KidZania today, as one of the first steps in our journey with Keluang Man, we introduce this unique wall-climbing zone. We want to inspire young Malaysians to embrace their inner hero, fostering courage, determination, and a sense of adventure." Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Business, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said, “We are very excited to collaborate with Malaysia's leading beverage manufacturer and distributor, Etika, in driving the transformation of film content in Malaysia. 

This collaboration marks a strong beginning for Astro Shaw in setting new standards for innovative marketing strategies in the film industry. We believe that Keluang Man and Wonda Coffee share a common focus on local elements and are both near and dear to all Malaysians. By leveraging the combined experiences of Astro Shaw and Etika, we are confident that this collaboration can achieve its objectives. Meanwhile, we also feel honored to have the opportunity for the Keluang Man film to be showcased at KidZania in the efforts to introduce Malaysia's iconic superhero to the younger generation." "Stay tuned for various creative strategies and exciting activities through this collaboration. Coming soon, fans can nominate and share the stories of their personal encounter with individuals that have made an impact in society through ‘Keluang Man of the Month’ on gempak.com, and the winner will be announced through the Gempak Most Wanted program on Astro Ria. 

This initiative aims to recognize unsung Malaysian heroes who possess qualities similar to Keluang Man who has no fear." Following their latest partnership with Astro Shaw, Wonda Coffee, one of Malaysia’s leading ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee brands that offer the smooth taste of freshly brewed coffee in a can today is bringing Malaysians an exclusive experience at KidZania. During the special, one-of-a-kind unveiling in KidZania Kuala Lumpur, Wonda, and Astro Shaw connected visitors and members of the media to take part in the wall climbing activity with Keluang Man lead actor, Nas Muammar Zar himself. Encouraging the visitors to take part in the wall climbing activity with him, Keluang Man sets out to encourage visitors to embrace the inner hero in them. 

The launch of the Keluang Man wall climbing zone marks just the beginning of this dynamic partnership between Wonda Coffee and Astro Shaw. Both companies are committed to bringing Malaysians more innovative and exciting experiences, inspiring them to reach new heights and unleash their potential. With this as a start, Wonda Coffee hopes this will inspire many more adventures with Keluang Man. Wonda also hopes that Malaysians can sit back and enjoy and savour the flavour of Wonda Coffee as their drink of choice as they sit back and watch the exciting superhero movie. 

Through this innovative collaboration between WONDA Coffee and Astro Shaw, the Keluang Man wall-climbing zone promises an exhilarating experience for visitors, blending the excitement of adventure with the spirit of heroism that Keluang Man embodies. Exclusively featured only in KidZania Kuala Lumpur, visitors aged 8 to 17 years old will be able to test out their superhero skills at the wall climbing zone. The wall, part of the climbing adventure featured in KidZania, was first introduced as one of the key attractions in the township. With the official introduction of the Keluang Man Wall Climbing Establishment, KidZania is forecasting over 400,000 visitors in 2024. Embrace your inner hero now! Visit KidZania Kuala Lumpur to embark on an adventure like never before, scaling new heights with Keluang Man and Wonda Coffee

SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian

Love this and all SPYxFAMILY FansA limited series Collectible collection of one of Japan’s best-selling manga series and anime television series adaptation, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets now available at Guardian stores and online.

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian

SPY×FAMILY is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. The story follows a spy on an undercover mission who gets married as part of his cover and adopts a child, not realizing that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath, and the woman he agrees to be in a marriage with is a skilled assassin. All three must strive to keep together.

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian

As an animated web series, SPYxFAMILY was voted Number 1 Most Popular Web Comic in 2019 and the series reached 480 million views in August 2022.  By December 2023, SPY×FAMILY had over 34 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. 

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle

Anna Ng, Marketing Director, Guardian Malaysia said: “We are extremely excited to offer these FOUR collectibles sets from the massively popular SPYxFAMILY manga and anime series.  The FOUR collectibles sets are based on the characters from the manga series and all four collectibles can be obtained for RM99 each, every time our customers spend RM20 on participating brands such as Aiken, Bio Essence, Lóreal Dermo-Expertise, Eucerin, Garnier, Lóreal, Maybelline, Nivea Skin and Sunsilk or RM50 on non-participating brands in a single receipt.”

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
LOID FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
LOID FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

Collectible Item 1 is called LOID FORGER, after the father character in the anime series.  The Loid collectible which is worth RM199, has been available from 27 December 2023 and comes in the form of a special Loid Design Box which contains a Loid 14 inch laptop sleeve, a Loid acrylic phone holder and Loid lenticular waterproof stickers. 

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
YOR FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
YOR FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

Collectible item 2 is called YOR FORGER, after the mother character in the anime series.  The Yor collectible which is also worth RM199, will be available in Guardian stores from 11 January 2024 onwards and will come with a special Yor Design Box which will contain a Yor Beauty pouch, an acrylic Yor key chain with mirror and Yor lenticular waterproof stickers. 

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
ANYA FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

SPYxFAMILY, SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets Guardian, LOID FORGER, YOR FORGER, ANYA FORGER, Forger Series Box, Guardian, Japanese manga, Lifestyle
ANYA FORGER Collectible Set Now Available at Guardian

Collectible item 3 is called ANYA FORGER, after the daughter character in the anime series.  The Anya collectible which is worth RM230, will be available in Guardian stores on 25 January 2024 onwards and will come with a special Anya Design Box which will contain an Anya A4 folder, an Anya 500 pieces puzzle box, an Anya memory game cards pack and Anya lenticular waterproof stickers. 

The final Collectible Item 4 is called the Forger Series Box pack which will be released on 28 February 2024. 

“This is a wonderful opportunity to collect some great limited edition collectibles from one of the most popular manga and anime series ever produced in Japan, that could very well become collector’s items in future. 

“Best of all, they are also carefully thought out practical items that suit our customer’s active lifestyles. So please head down to your nearest Guardian to buy or book your sets before they sell out,” added Anna.

For more information and update about SPYxFAMILY Collectible Sets At Guardian Stores, please visit 

Facebook: @Guardianmy 

Instagram: @Guardianmy 

YouTube: @Guardian MY

Telegram:  @GuardianMY

#GuardianMYApp #guardianMy #guardianspyxfamily

Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream calms the eczema flare-ups

When it comes to sensitive and eczema prone skin, I would think of Mustela cream. Eczema could happen in babies and even adult due to environment, individual skin condition and parents and care takers like us find it challenging.

I love Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream as its part of a topical symptomatic treatment that helps reduce the symptoms of eczema by relief of skin redness and itchiness, by relieves and calms irritated and damaged skin. It’s suitable for infants, children and even adults.

Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream contains Ectoin® which helps reduce inflammatory reactions and supports the skin's regeneration process. It calms the eczema flare-ups of all family members.

I use it on my skin and daughter skin for a month now and my eczema due to my frequent expose to dishwashing liquid has improved a lot. Best is its non-greasy texture is absorbed quickly, Fragrance-free, cortisone-free, preservative-free, paraben-free and this cream contains 93% of ingredients of natural origin.

Do check it out at: Stelatopia Intense: Anti-itching eczema cream | Mustela

GoodMorning Global Group launches Malaysia’s first dry mix complete nutrition plantbased meat

Local food tech company, GoodMorning Global Group Holdings Berhad today officially launched the country’s first dry mix complete nutrition plant-based meat (PBM), that the company expects will serve the growing global demand for plant-based food alternatives.

The food product, which comes in powder form and named ‘WonderMeat’, is already making significant achievements, as seen by its induction into the Malaysian Book of Records.

Kluang Member of Parliament Wong Shu Qi, who was the guest of honour at the launch ceremony held at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, commended GoodMorning Global for their excellent achievement in the field of food biotechnology.

She added, “I am confident that Malaysia’s alternative protein products like WonderMeat, will be able to make headways in the global market and compete strongly with the more established brands, while inspiring the further development of sustainable food solutions.”

“We firmly believe that food technology holds unlimited potential, paving the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Thus, Wondermeat isn't merely a food product; it's a leap towards a sustainable future,” said GoodMorning Global Group’s executive chairman and founder, Dato’ Dr Lim Sin Boon.

He added, “Our commitment to wellness has led to the creation of a delicious, affordable culinary experience that provides sufficient and balanced nutrition plant-based protein for our daily needs!”

WonderMeat, a plant-based meat is developed to replicate the taste and texture of animal meat, not only giving vegetarians and vegans broader options in food choices, but also a revolution that will fundamentally change the way people perceive meat by transforming the meat industry into a plant-based one, thereby reducing the dependency on animal protein to achieve food security and climate goals.

With streamlined transportation, extended shelf life, reduced cost and carbon footprint, the powdered WonderMeat transform the food industry for sustainability. Offering authentic meat texture, convenience and affordability, it marks a new era in culinary innovation.

Primarily composed of soya and pea, it is rich in dietary fibre and protein. WonderMeat is also fortified with CaHMB, and 28 types of vitamins and minerals ensuring complete nutrition in every serving.

The innovation of WonderMeat follows several earlier achievements. In July, the company secured RM20 million (US$ 4.4 million) from 1,046 investors in an equity crowdfunding campaign to propel the company's biotechnology and food technology research into new frontiers, while earlier in March the company’s plant-based nutrition beverage GSure received approval from the Sultanate of Oman’s Centre for Food Safety and Quality.



FOUR winners emerged as Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty for 2023 after a four-month nationwide contest.

The Grand Finale of The Face of Healthy Beauty Contest, that was held today in Kuala Lumpur, saw 20 finalists from all over Malaysia, including two men, competing to be one of the four final winners.

The four winners are:

1.    Aqila Bt Afindi

2.    Kay Yap Yen Yin

3.    Nur Izzatul Aqma Bt Ludin

4.    Candace Cheah Sook Peng

Aqila Afindi, 22, who hails from Putrajaya and is a student at UITM said she was so happy and grateful to have won.

The 4 winners, fr left, Nur Izzatul, Kay Yap, Candace Cheah & Aqila Afindi

“I was so impressed with the other contestants, and I felt so proud to be picked as one of the four winners.  This win is not only for me but for all my family and friends who have prayed and supported me,” she said.  

Meanwhile, fashion designer Nur Izzatul Aqma, 21, who designed her own outfit for the Grand Finale said that her win is dedicated to her parents, family and friends who have supported her in all contests she has entered.

“I also gave my best effort to try to win and thankfully, my effort has been rewarded with this win.  It means a lot to me,” said Nur Izzatul who hails from Petaling Jaya.    

Kay Yap, 31, from Kuala Lumpur said she strove to be her best.

“The competition was fierce, given that all the contestants were so passionate and talented. And kudos to Guardian for being a trendsetter, by choosing brand ambassadors that also celebrates inner beauty,” Kay said.

Kay, who also won a Category prize for ‘Most Healthy’ contestant is a Multimedia Designer.

Candace Cheah is 28 years old and is a final year Veterinary Science student.

Anna Hull, Commercial Director, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said:

“We are extremely pleased to finally announce our winners for the Face of Healthy Beauty 2023.  This year’s contest received overwhelming response and the competition was stiff.  We are also delighted to find that we had participants coming from all over Malaysia to take part and we are also proud, that for the first time, we have two men among the final 20 finalists.


“As we all know, the Face Of Healthy Beauty is NOT a beauty contest or a beauty pageant.  It is a search for that special person that has all the unique qualities that Guardian believes represents the meaning of the concept of Healthy Beauty.

“This Healthy Beauty concept is at the CORE of Guardian’s brand philosophy and this concept was borne from a consumer insight that good health is the foundation of true beauty.  Our winners, therefore, will inspire others to live a healthy and beautiful life, doing things that make them feel happy and fulfilling,” Anna added.

Touted as the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, the search for The Face of Healthy Beauty is a nationwide quest to find FOUR individuals, who best fit the bill as ‘The Face of Healthy Beauty’ to be Guardian’s healthy beauty ambassadors.

The Four (4) winners from the Grand Final will each receive:
One (1) year contract with Guardian
Feature on Guardian’s Advertising and Promotion materials & Other in-store collaterals

• RM10,000 Cash and RM10,000 worth of Vouchers
Products from participating sponsors and
RM5,000 worth of Guardian Bath Care products to be given to a charity organization of the winner's choice

This contest which started 26 June 2023 was open to all Malaysians aged 18 years and above.

More details of the search, and the full terms and conditions for participation are available at https://theface.guardian.com.my