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Celebrate World Nutrition Day “Fuel For The Future” with U.S. Potatoes!

It's World Nutrition Day, celebrated on May 28 this year which themed “Fuel For The Future” and I heart for my favourite U.S. Potatoes! 

Nutrition is what fuels us up for the better things in life. Did you know then that World Nutrition Day, celebrated on May 28 this year is themed “Fuel For The Future”, an apt theme especially coupled with my favourite U.S. Potatoes! 

“Fuel For The Future” encourages us to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits. A staple food which goes so well with many different cooking styles, U.S. Potatoes not only tastes great, it is really nutritious, infused with ingredients needed to give us the energy to power up in our everyday life and chores. 

Containing 26 grams of carbohydrates per medium potato, this provides up to 9% of your daily needs. I feel strong already just knowing this fact about U.S Potatoes! Bye bye lethargic me, hello peak energy both mind and body! 

Healthier meals made better with U.S. Potatoes as its also rich in Vitamin C helping to support our body’s immune system. It’s also rich in Vitamin B6 (a medium potato provides 10% of the recommended daily value), helping with metabolism and proper cell functions. 

Containing 3 grams of plant based protein per serving, we all know protein is the building block for growth so that’s definitely a good thing! 

Oh, don’t forget potassiums! That’s the key takeaway, where potassium contained inside U.S Potatoes can help in regulating fluids and mineral balance, as well as maintaining normal blood pressure. 

This World Nutrition Day, the good folks from U.S. Potatoes invited Chef Jason Manson to curate four special and healthy recipes which makes use of the ever nutritious U.S. Potatoes. Check out the recipes below:

1. Layered U.S. Potato Parmesan Stacks glazed with Asian style BBQ Sauce

2. Oven baked US Hash brown Potato Bruschetta topped with sour cream, avocado, and salmon cucumber salsa     

3. U.S. “Accordion” Crispy Potato Glazed with Dark Miso Glazed and Served with Curry Aioli

4. Ultra Crispy Baked US Chili lime Potato Wedges topped with Spicy Garlic Ponzu Aioli and fresh lime





Lets be Sushi King fans! Do you know Sushi King has reach one million members in its renowned loyalty program via Sushi King App.

Sushi King happy to launch 1 Million Happy Members’ campaign offering prizes worth over RM 1,000,000 from 1 May till 31 May 2023!

Beside that Sushi King members can participate in the Spin and Win campaign with every RM 50 spend in a single receipt.

Step by step guide to participate the spin & win campaign

1. Download the Sushi King app (available on Google Play, Apple Store, Huawei AppGallery) and register by following the steps prompted.

2. Present the member QR code from the app to cashier and make payment of the bill.

3. You will receive the number of spin based on your minimum spent (min spend of RM50 will receive 1 spin, min spend of rm100 will receive 2 spins, and so on)

4. The Click-to-Spin wheel will appear on the home screen of the Sushi King app.

5. Your reward will be prompted after you have finish the steps above.

Congratulations to Week 1 winners

Let's join the Sushi King 1 Million Happy Members Spin and Win campaign now. The higher the amount spent, the greater your chances of winning exclusive prizes including a trip to Japan Trip for 2, Oppo N2 Flip phones, Apple Watch SE, 600,000 total Smile Points and more.

So... lets eat and join!!

For more information about Sushi King’s 1 Million Happy Members’ Spin & Win campaign, visit the official website at www.sushi-king.com, and follow Sushi King’s social media accounts on Facebook (@sushikingasia) and Instagram (@sushikingmalaysia)


Having fun preparing cheeseboard for the first time with Rane Chin using Real California Milk cheeses.

Out cheeseboard themed "The Golden State's Cheese Skewers" using almost every types of cheese from Real California Milk. We taste the cheese and ate some during the process and enjoyed ourselves. 

Me trying to do blue cheese crisp and one of a kind smoking the place with tauhu busuk smells. Experience gained. Cheese crisp works for all cheese except blue cheese. 😛

Tadaa our artwork!

We are fortunate that they can enjoy various California cheeses like Cheddar, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack and Monterrey Jacks. For those who prefer artisanal cheeses, there are also blue cheese, smoked cheeses and organic cheeses from California, all marked with the seal “Real California Milk”.  

Love all Real California Milk cheeses. Do look out for “Real California Milk” seal.

More Malaysians are starting to appreciate the quality of California dairy products like cheeses and ice creams that carry the Real California Milk seal. The cheeses are so good that you can enjoy them as they are anytime of the day. Many Malaysians are now starting to include cheeses in their cooking.    


A cook-off session which headlined 20 Malaysian lifestyle and food influencers was held recently in Malaysia to share the quality of California dairy and cheeses, especially those with the “Real California Milk” seal. Certified Executive Chef Barbara Alexander, with over 30 years’ experience in the Culinary and Hospitality field created four scrumptious recipes using Real California Cheese – Blue Cheese Chips, Korean Cheese Dogs, Iced Coffee Cheesecake Cream Puffs and Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Pizza. Chef Barbara explained that these recipes are easy-to-make and are highly popular with Asians, especially great to serve at family gatherings as well as for quick meals.


Chef Barbara elaborated, “One ounce of natural cheese, such as Cheddar, Jack, or Mozzarella, contains approximately 20% of a person’s recommended daily calcium intake. Those who are lactose-sensitive, or lactose-intolerant can still enjoy cheese if they eat natural hard (aged) or soft-ripened varieties, which contain little or no lactose.”


All of us created our own cheese platter which combines an assortment of Real California cheeses with various food items / ingredients. 


The USA is the largest cow’s milk producer in the world and California is the top-milk producing and second largest cheese-producing state. Approximately 50 cheesemakers are producing more than 250 different varieties and styles of cheeses using exclusively California milk. California dairy producers are very cognisant about the health, comfort and safety of their cows and take animal care very seriously. California is home to many modern, technologically advanced and efficient dairy operations in the world, with best practices for herd comfort and care - driven by the quest for cleaner and more sustainable future.  California leads the U.S. in sustainable dairy farming practices.

For information and recipes, visit www.realcaliforniamilk.com or FaceBook @RCM Malaysia.

Enjoy wine with Different glasses

Just to share my experience from yesterday's wine class. The things amazed me the most, maybe some of you already know, the taste of wine changes in different type and shape of glass we use. Sounds unbelievable? 

I experienced it myself in the class. We poured the wine into the 1st correct type of glass, swirl it, nose it, followed by a sip. The next step is to pour the wine from 1st glass into 2nd wine glass that suit for other type of wine, swirl, nose, and sip. Repeat the same process through 3rd glass and into the last disposable paper cup.

The taste of wine changed from one glass to another. From the 1st correct wine glass, we can get the perfect sense of aroma, with layers of taste when the wine flow in through the lip, the tongue, and went in our body. The taste totally change in 2nd, 3rd wine glass, no staggered taste, either just flat, or strong alcohol taste. The worse taste was the last disposable paper cup.

The set of glass I use in the class yesterday. 5 of them

The amazing part is when we pour the remaining wine from the last paper cup back to the 1st correct type of glass. The beautiful aroma and taste came back!! 

The taste changes from different glass wine came with scientifically proven basis of facts behind it. Long story short, the wine guru explained the dimensions and shape of wine glass create different velocity of liquid flow when we turn the wine glass from upright into drinking position, that varied the intensity of the mixture of ingredients in wine by travelling through the different distance and the shape of glass during the process, and with different liquid sharpness of wine flow edge the moment it flows into our mouth. All these factors change the taste of wine!

1 - White wine Chardonnay 
2 - Red wine Burgundy 
3 - Fruity white wine Sauvignon Blanc 
4 - Red wine Merlot, Shiraz and Bordeaux

Type of glass to use depend on type of barrel cask the wine use to store, location of vineyards and the fermentation process. Generally, most of the oak cask wine will use a wider, fatter and not as tall wine glass. 

For example like white wine Chardonnay and red wine Burgundy, the different between these two is Chardonnay uses fat, shorter and wider opening. While Burgundy uses taller and shallower opening. But both uses the fattest body type among others. So to achieve it's staggered aroma and taste.

For white wine Sauvignon Blanc, more to grape and fruity variety is suitable to drink with slimmer and taller glass.

Then the more popular red wine like Merlot, Shiraz, and Bordeaux can use the glass with diameter in between the first two type, but the tallest among all.

ShopeeFood and Pizza Hut Delivers Love to Food Delivery Partners for Ramadhan and Hari Raya Celebrations

In conjunction with Ramadhan and the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations, ShopeeFood together with Pizza Hut organised several berbuka puasa sessions across Klang Valley and Selangor for its fleet of food delivery partners. The #ShopeeDeliversLove campaign is in its second year and aims to show appreciation to ShopeeFood delivery partners. 

Hundreds of delivery partners attended the sessions across many locations such as Wangsa Maju, Kota Damansara, Kepong and Kajang. Besides feasting on various yummy pizzas and beverages provided by Pizza Hut, the delivery partners also received many other goodies like Hari Raya cookies and petrol vouchers.

According to Kwa Yin Leng, Head of Operations for ShopeeFood Malaysia: “We are excited to be able to host this event on an annual basis for our delivery partners. ShopeeFood recognises the important role driver partners play in our business. As such, we continue to engage them closely, to better understand their needs. We take our driver partners’ feedback seriously, implement support initiatives and policies that meet their needs and continuously improve their welfare.”

“ShopeeFood is committed to delivering the highest quality of service for our customers by providing our users with value, variety and convenience through an integrated ecosystem. We hope by providing good food to our delivery partners, they will have more flexibility to observe their religious duties while delivering customer orders during this busy period,” she added.

Besides receiving food, delivery partners were also given a chance to win attractive lucky prizes that included smartphones, helmets and other riding apparel like raincoats.

Delivery partners interviewed during the event also expressed their appreciation for the gesture from ShopeeFood. En. Faizal bin Hashom who has been working with ShopeeFood for more than one and a half years said: “It is such a great event, and I hope ShopeeFood can organise a bigger one in the future so more drivers can attend it together. The timing to have the event during the month of Ramadan and Hari Raya is good as well.”

Another delivery partner, En. Abdul Qayum Bin Baharum said: “This event is really good for drivers to get together to not only meet new friends that are working in the same area but also a great opportunity to meet the ShopeeFood management team. The gifts are very attractive and I am grateful that we are able to participate in this event. Thank you ShopeeFood.”

For the Hari Raya period, ShopeeFood will also be having special discounts from 20th - 21st April. The offers include Free Delivery and features various merchants such as myBurgerLab, HWC Coffee, and Nasi Ayam Penyet.

ShopeeFood was established in 2021 to help its users benefit from a convenient and hassle-free food delivery experience by providing numerous eateries, from popular joints to local street food stalls, at the best value. As part of Shopee’s existing ecosystem that includes the mobile wallet ShopeePay, along with amazing deals and promotions all year round, Malaysians have a secure, and rewarding payment and delivery experience with ShopeeFood.

Review on Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora


Can digital watch be feminine? Yes and recently I check out Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora and each was so feminine and beautiful. I had chosen pink, while Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora also has purple and champaigne colour to choose from. Besides receiving calls directly on the wrist, stable Bluetooth calling, an elegant music player, let's see what else made me attached! 

Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora features 70 sports modes that offers us ladies' calories and step counts, SPO2, Heart Rate, and Sleep Monitoring, games, reminders etc. AI voice assistant makes it cool too! 

Perfect to wear on many occasions, due to its customizable watch faces, with a variety of surface designs to choose from. I can match it with my daily wear and even could place my favorite photo as front display besides the original templates.

So here are some nice 3D Full View Colorful Display screen with clear visibility of metrics and other information on a full screen with good viewing experience.

Many templates of display

I actually love the calculator function the most. Silly but it's useful to have instant count instead of my smartphone. Count for lunch expenses- when you had your phone in your bag.

I had never keep track of my period cycle - haha yes never did and always assume it's around the date. Now my watch apps could do it for me. The watch has this Female Menstrual Reminder that reminds me of those special days of the month, to help take better care of myself!

Weather of the day.

70 sports mode - from running to cycling to football and yoga, it can track our heartbeat and timing.

Heartbeat monitoring

The removal and installation of the strap is so easy as there is a clip down metal. Since it comes with a unique bling strap and quick released magnetic strap, I could easily match it with my outfit and different occasions. With 1 year warranty, it gives me an ease - you know digital item may have glitches, so this is an added advantage - just in case  ;)

Love the 2 straps for any occasions!

Here shows its fashionable Fadeless Aluminum alloy Case - an impressive and chic accessory that complements both my casual and formal outfits!

This is quite a fast, stable, and energy-efficient smartwatch that I owned. On battery life, Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora owns the 3rd 2-in-1 Core calling chip in the world, following only Apple and Samsung. With this 2-in-1 chip, power consumption is 30% lower than that of a dual chip, allowing it to compete with the top 10 thin calina watches in terms of battery life. 

Here is the apps that I downloaded to monitor my Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora; GloryFit. We can view all history and all information about our activity in this apps, monitor our steps, set reminders and many more!

Best is I can connect my Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora to my smartphone via Bluetooth 5.2 and listen to my favorite tunes while working out, driving, or chilling out. I like the stable Bluetooth 5.2 Connection, stronger connectivity than the Huawei GT watch, along with reliable speakers and mic for crystal-clear phone calls with rich, natural sound. Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora delivers fantastic sound when it’s inconvenient to pick up my mobile phone too.

Find the phone function is so useful to me at least ;)

Let's check out my video here to see more of my Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Lora!

*KIESLECT offers a one-year replacement warranty insurance to provide customers with peace of mind. Within one year of purchase, customers can exchange any faulty product (excluding accessories) for a brand new unit. However, if the product is damaged due to human factors, KIESLECT reserves the right not to replace.

So Where To Get This?

About Kieslect

Kieslect has established a robust distribution network, supplying stylish smartwatches to over 5,000 retail outlets in more than 60 countries. Founded in 2017, Kieslect has partnered with leading wireless technology providers and other selected companies with core technology and has won a series of international design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, and German Design Award. 


Good news for our followers! There will be Kieslect Lady Calling Watch Bonus discount rm5 voucher, you just need to key in KIESLORA during your purchase in Shopee, and first come first serve another Kieslect Bonus Discount Rm10 voucher with the code KIESKS for Kieslect Calling Watch Ks 

Kieslect Official Selling Platform:

Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/kieslect.os

Kieslect Official Social Media Platform:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kieslect.MY

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kieslect_malaysia/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KieslectMY

Lemon8: https://s.lemon8-app.com/s/NskchjxQQR

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kieslectmalaysia

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