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Kids Activity In Kuala Lumpur and nearby

Here are our list of Best Place to go with Kids in Kuala Lumpur and nearby, some best places of interest in Kuala Lumpur for the family too. Hope this saves your time thinking and it's easy to just pick a place to enjoy your weekend. These are some places that we went and we share our experience here so that you have an insights and what to expect - especially 1st time parents. Well, at least we survived getting the kids around these places safely. 

For you who wants to travel away from KL or oversea, do visit our Travelogue here. 

(click on to view each list on the links)


Dinosaur Alive @ MATIC, KL Dr Little @ PHKL
Star Wars Gallery at POP, Jaya One KL
Sleep With Shark @ Aquaria KLCC
Little Kingdom @ Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall
First London Street Family Park, The Parenthood @ Quill Mall
DF Farmhouse, Kajang
Kidzania @ Curve, Mutiara Damansara
DIY Skincare @Claire Organics
More Outdoor Activities with kids
KL Upside Down House @ KL Tower 
City Square Shooting Gallery @ Segambut
Bird Park @ Lake Garden
Zentangle Art #zentangle
Chocolate Museum @ Kota Damansara
Segway Fun Ride @ Lake Garden
Muzium Negara
Asia First Museum of Illusions
KL Selfie Museum-Dessert Series
The Moscow Circus Tour


Air Rider Skydiving @ One Utama
Mother and Son Connection @Tropicana by Focus of the Family
Fire Station @ PJ SS2
Camp 5, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
The Secret Garden, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Edutrain Planet at Mont Trinity - School Holiday Program


SnowWorld @ Resorts World Genting
Strawberry Farm, Genting Highland



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  1. I really recommend ice skating in putrajaya, it's really fun, not only for adult but for kids as well

  2. Banyak tempat aktivitianak2 boleh pergi la. Banyak tempat kat sini yang tak pernah pergi lagi. Thank you for this informative post.

  3. Yeap Ezna, bila you senang boleh venture masa weekend. tak yah pergi jauh jauh ;)

  4. Mesti best kan, di utara amnya di Kedah tidak ada lagi seperti ini. Semoga lepas ini, akan ada seperti ini. Terima kasih berkongsi info ya.

  5. A lot of places for kids in KL. Can share this lost for my friend for weekend activity. Sekarang tak macam dulu, di bandar kena pergi indoor park la.

  6. Air rider skydiving tu nampak menarik berul. I mmg suka bawa anak2 join aktiviti macam ni. Especially kalau indoor, dari keselesaan dan keselamatan adalah priority

  7. great to explore kl with the kiddos... nice and lovely to go these outings! kids gonna hv fun, lots of fun!

  8. Lotsa places i need to go with my children. Exploring everything. Berseronok dgn anak2 di luar Melaka. KL now ada lotsa places yg best terutama utk family with children. Ada olak kemudahan mrt lrt etc, all the places are reachable.

  9. Wahh so many places. But i thought dinosour alive is a seasonal one, right? i went there last year.

  10. Kita jarang la turun KL. Lagi lagi husband bz kerja. Sudah nak cuti. Tapi selalu tengok kawan kawan update tempat yang menarik disekitar sana. Seronok dapat berjalan ke sana.

  11. Thanks for sharing this list of kids activities in KL. If I have visitors with kids I can bring them there or suggest to them also.




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