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Jaden Favourite Spot at Home

Hahhaa.. I am showing popo, yee yee, ku mah, and all your favourite spot at home d..Say you diam diam, now look! First you targetted mummy's deco, the photoframe, then you stare at us when we called, then with no adue... you rush to mummy's curtain..aisey..how many times daddy will alarmed me saying "Dear, Jaden headings to your curtain", and there mummy running over to rescue the curtain from your saliva. Thats enough of in house exercise to and fro from the sofa to the curtain spot.. I should feel relief a little as you yet knkow how to "tarik" the table cloth. Maybe the colour seem not so interesting compare to the colourful curtain. Yikes! and Daddy - please stop asking Jaden to focus on the table cloth..*sob*sob*

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