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You're Six months...

Dunno why, but mummy feels like blooging for your sight..Somehow, time flies by the time I realised, you're already 6 months old. Cheeky and moody as you are, cool as people often described, attentive and high curiousity as your expression may be, you're our darling. Guess you are happy being the eldest, pampered by everyone at home. You wont believe it if mummy tells you that its so so difficullt to get the mischievous photo taken..thanks to daddy who always have the patient to make you giggle and laugh..Daddy is as playful as you are..If we wants to have a "mei mei" for your companion, just cross our fingers that you wont pull her hair; snap on her...awww... all that we can imagine.. ;O) ..That mischievous look give us a witty "answer"

Yesterday your popo called and miss your voice.. but you're sleeping.. But even if you are awake, don't think you'll reply but either just stare at the phone smiling or rather see your cheeky daddy...Wonder how nice if you would laugh like that during our last studio photoshoot...aiyor...This page initially for family members - at least your growth can be monitored by ones who miss you darlingly...You inherit mummy crazy for shoppin' shoppin' - or shall mummy say shoppin' skill.Yeah.. not everyone can shop n walk whole day like we do..daddy got converted too after awhile and now he is even better at it..hahaha.

While your ah-yee is so geram with you, they miss you too..only thing they ask "How's Jaden" and forgot "How are you".. sigh...You grab all the attention d it seems...


  1. aiyo for sure got ask how r u la ..in the heart la..no need say out wan le..aiyo ..so many laugh and cheecky photos nice wo..hahaa...this round come must laugh at yee yee la..mum do somehting la..aiyo..

    adik babi kecil miss jaden also la...wan play with him and suap him makan the 'wu' ..can eat alr ma rite...so we must prepare to put all the things aside first near the tv ,..if not he come sapu all..cham lo...all will hancur..hehe...i think i wanna ikat his hand o leg in the future if he become a naughty naughty boy ..haha..good idea?

  2. hmm.. guess he would loves curtain.. tarik tarik.. I'll post some pic n u would understand why I say so.. and bang bang to table and push away things.. hahha.. no restriction to anywhere...wants freedom..mamamia!!

  3. haha..pening kepala aku..make me swing here and there..realy pening la...he so love kung kung toe wo..felt like drumstick..haha...he ah .tarik here and there...janggut, rambut, my baju also he tarik..aiks...my hand very cham la..hug him here and there ,dun wan to sit down..so naughty boy..eat also gelabah..aiii..hehe..but he laugh alot wo so happy la.. yee yee..we play hide and seek...kucha kucha ku..eheh

  4. ohya ..yday was little kpm bday...we sing bday song..to he.r..and jaden was looking at the cake..eye so big..hhe...he wanted t grab the choc cake .with both hand..and open his big mouth..hehhe...mum give her eat the cream..wah..so yummy yummy...then main main..hahaha...then funny thing is he will say hm moi..when he angry after sit so long at the walker o play the toys..so geram see him..aiyo...faster big big ..yee yee bring you go shoping and eat eat /...heheh..but dun cry is ok alr..haha..

  5. ehh, rachael and i also LOVE shopping!
    we are all in the same boat ehh...