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A joy to a family ;D

Its an excitement getting to know that my sis is pregnant. Meaning I will have another people to share my thoughts on babies and she will have a mentor throughout this wonderful journey. The day I know she is "getting" pregnant (meaning not even confirmed), I am already being an enthusiastic over the news..will it be a nephew or niece? Let me see, will she be conceiving a girl, a boy, baby born in tiger metal year 2010, a taurus?? She says I am going crazy..Haha. Probably being the eldest in the family, I will always treat her like a grown up baby. And from there I gave her tons of advice and fill-flooded her with questions. You'd better start to consume your Acid-Folic, sis. "What is that for?" - the moment I heard this, I know she has no idea what's ahead of her. There I goes acting like mum getting her some Anmum milk powder for pregnant woman, the book of "Is my pregnancy normal by....", not to mentioned smses just to ensure she is fine. My sis is going to be a mother soon. I am so happy for her..

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to your sis! you will hv a nephew/niece soon as well!
    can ask her to join parenthood's contest later hehehe...