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Mrs Serdang 2010

I will treasure this moment - the fairytale - the legend of mine.

I had so much fun dancing with shah and her girl, I had fun tailoring my talent outfit, I had fun practicing with hubby, from planning to anything with my idealist man. Seriously, I miss the waka waka dance cum stripping performance. (Now Jaden knows how to sing and dance along with waka waka with me too) It’s about 1.5 week of rush & dedicated work and am so happy with the outcome. And am so happy I found some angels who assist to make this dream possible. Special thanks to hubby, shah with my lovely Barbie & my pilate sifu - Jasslyn (well, I am here promoting pilate again) ;D
It’s of course nervous to be on stage, but as the crowd cheer and laugh with you, we gain confidence. It’s no longer a competition while I am on stage, it’s just like my kindergarten performance, enjoying without stress. I am proud to dance on stage again after well so many years.
I am overwhelmed with joy to be the 1st runner up. The best part is when the crowd starts to yell my number, I am already flattered. It’s not the prize but they love my show what matters – to them I am already their champion. To do something with effort which reaps acknowledgement is my best accomplishment. Did I tell mum & mum in law I will stop joining all these?… well my itchy body tells me she loves to perform again, well maybe not this year – if she can hold on to other extra activity to do. ;p


  1. hie. u look gorgeous in the photo. do u know how organises this pageant as i am interested to join? thanks

  2. Thanks Janice for your compliment, you mean who organise the event? They will have the event every 2 years. The Serdang association. you may leave down your contact. I will call you once they are open next year. ;)

  3. thanks so much Jessie. Do u hv an email address I can leave my details to u?

    xx Janice

  4. months passed. cant believe how time flies. we've met each other's families and been in each other's home. u've been a awesome to know. just to leave some kind follow up comments...heheeheh.....

  5. Dearie, Very true. Never know you blogs too, but the blog captures the real you. Glad we both met. You thought me a lot. To be bold and dare. Hugs.

  6. i blog only when i truly got something concrete to say. lol