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Segway Fun Ride @ Lake Garden

It was an awesome experience, thanks to mum dad bro sis to look after our trio's, we had a double date with sis and Jack at Lake Garden, strolling along Lake Garden with this superb Segway a.k.a Personal transporter.

It has been 13 years back and yes, Lake Garden is our first date venue back then. *blush* The garden has changed so much and its really lovely with flowers and the flora were magnificent.

Weather was great throughout the hour and we manage to snap lovely photo's. I notice the men were like teenagers from afar as they go around with the Segway as if they are back to play again. ;)

Segway is a self balancing machine. One thing to look out for is the unbalanced floor or road as my sis has just tripped over a pipe and caused herself a mild injury. Sad to know that the provider doesn't have proper first aid and we do note that they should also provide good safety measure, ie. knee and elbow pad. Overall, is a great hangout with Segway, great till we feel that walking afterwards took a little more effort than usual. ;P

Where is This?

SEGWAY Kuala Lumpur

Lake Garden
next to National Museum in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia


Opens 9-6pm

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  1. hehe yaya they both daddy look like tennager. wearing the cute helmet