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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park @ Lake Garden with Family

It has been a great day hanging out as a family at KL Bird Park last Sunday. Family has 3 kiddo's now and definitely make everyone busy with them. Mummy intention of cooking lunch is getting alright, mee hoon served, hotdog done, papaya cut, and water is all packed. There's additional clothing for kiddos. Daddy prepares the cameras. We got all bathed, dressed up and 2 strollers, kids bottles, kids snacks, caps.. and it got the car fulled. It has been really hectic just preparing the things, nevertheless it turns out fun. But silly mummy left April's shoe in the car, only realised that when we had walked half the park. ;P

KL Bird Park, also known as the World's LARGEST Free-flight Walk in Aviary is definetely a spot you shouldn't miss while visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its recommended especially if you bring your kids. We saw lots of egrets and peacocks everywhere. They walk freely in the park at one large sections and while feeding them breads, they would even follow you around, you could witness them fly in front of you, looking for food, and the next thing you know you are surrounded by more than 20 of them. It was fun being in their habitat. Kids love to see them too.

If you do bring your own food, do try to have it at Hornbill restaurant's lowest floor, as I think its the only clean sheltered area without bird drop. ;P. There is some resting benches and sheltered area but its full of bird drops and birds are everywhere looking for food.

Jaden loves the Chicks NURSERY area and it was awesome witnessing the chicks comes out from the eggshell, and there are chicks there for us to touch and see.

We are busy photographing and looking after kids, but definitely we have seen lots of parrots, flamingo, hornbill, and lots of other feathered friends.

To see to Believe!

Where is This?

KL Birk Park

920, Jalan Cenderawasih, Taman Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

+60(3) 22721010

Opens 9-6pm

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