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William Syndrome walks at 26 months

Hurray! only God knows, but I think everyone close to me know I am the happiest mummy on earth to see April finally got the courage to walk more than 10 steps yesterday. Its really a joyous moment I would remember the rest of my life. Going to Genting Highland and eating her strawberries the other day perhaps do the trick. Probably she got back her confidence by walking on the bed, so falling down is not a drama anymore.

Aiyin - one of my beloved blog mummy once told me the earlier William Syndrome child walks at 5 years old. That makes me even jumping for joy to witness April's achievement. A credit must be given to the children of April's nanny too. 4 of them has been very encouraging to her and its really better than the physio that we went at HUKM. In HUKM, we get the ideas, but most important is the practise, and I felt really really blessed.

Now I am hoping she will do good with shoes too, but I will let her takes her time. I learnt the lesson from her earlier 3-7 steps walking experience, we got too instense with her, as we got too excited, and that loses her confidence in walking, stopped for 2 months and now, Hurray, she is back on foot again. This round, we will just wait and see. :D


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  2. I'm very happy for you & bravo to April - good job! I believe God helps those whom help themselves & yes God is helping you & April ^_^

  3. really great news sis. give her more time to boost up her confidence