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A fruitful day and hope a miracle for a friend

It has been a fruitful day today. Never know I could be an angel but I really did brightens people life. When friends come to me, I know they count on me as a pillar, a shoulder to cry on, to solve problem and yes I am half way through learning the philosophy of life, and half way through being a counselor. And I am here for more.


Mum sms me today. Heart melted. She read my blog and was touched. Now she know I could write well. ;P, maybe it make no sense for you readers, but it meant the world to me when my parent pat me on my back - a pillar of strength to move on. ;)


Hubby always being a great supporter. Love him ever more everyday. Couldn't help to give him a big token of appreciation here. Hugs.


A moment after the above statement, got a call from a close friend. Her daughter suspected having a cancer at 4 years old. Really a devastating news for me, she is getting a blood test tomorrow. Will need a week for the test but can't agree more that a week felt like a year. ;(

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