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Wright Life NMN 15000 and Wright Life Blueberry is now available in Topzmall!

Too much of overtime, demanding work doesn't allow us to get luxury sleep. Most of the time 4-6 hours is all I got and recently down to fever. Guess my body is signaling me that I had overworked and yes I need to start on some supplement. Not eating on time and delayed meal is another culprit too for lethargic. At my 40's, I could feel my skin looks dull, and my body are lack of energy - aging on it's way?? Hmmm...

My mini me always so energetic and left us adult tired at the end of the day. Need to really boost up our energy to keep up with them. 

Searching online for a week now and there are so many supplements and as I search more, I got so confused and not sure which one to look for. 

I found out about NMN content for anti-aging and here some of the link that I found online



I haven't heard of this before so it's great to share with all of you and here you go:

What is NMN?

NMN also known as β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, is the precursor of the NAD+ that plays the role of a cofactor for the longevity protein (Sirtuins) in the human body. NAD+ is an essential raw material for repairing the cellular system and a key communication factor between the nucleus and the mitochondria responsible for energy synthesis. 

NMN is proved to be effective in anti-ageing. It was recognized by the scientific community such as Harvard University, Keio University and the University of Washington.

Main Benefits of NMN 
* Improved physical functions
* Increased NAD+
* DNA protection
* Delay ageing
* Longevity

In fact, I found out that Charlene Choi (Twins Singer) takes NMN and the product is Wright Life 15000, and she is one of Wright Life’s ambassadors.

Some info that I found about Wright Life and it's NMN product

With the brand concept of Focus on nature and care for healthWright Life provides high-quality health products using raw materials sourced around the world. Established in 2011, Write Life Pharmaceutical Limited adopts a one-stop operating model ranging from R&D and manufacturing to retail. Its products are available in chain stores like Mannings and Watsons, in addition to its self-owned online shop. In recent years, Wright Life has further expanded to the Mainland market via e-commerce platforms.

Wright Life aims to offer a total healthy solution, with its products covering Men's Health, Ladies' Health, Children's Healthy and Eye Protection. More recently, an anti-ageing supplement namely "NMN10000" was introduced, which has received a favourable response from the market. Since the year 2020, Ms Charlene Choi, a famous Hong Kong artist, has been appointed to be the Brand's spokesperson, especially for promoting "NMN10000". And not just Charlene Choi and some other Hong Kong artists are promoting this brand as well. Plus, They have also been advertised on many shows like 北京卫视 BRTV (Variety Show:辣妈辣么美)

Wright Life HK Ambassador - Charlene Choi

Wright Life NMN 15000

Gotten myself a bottle of Wright Life NMN 15000 from Topzmall at this link as they have a promo now wright life Store (topzmall.com)

Here are some details and the function of NMN 15000 is to repair DNA, anti-ageing, rejuvenate body functions, improve sleep and also care for the liver.

Ingredients : NMN, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate
Product Specifications : 60 capsules per bottle
Product Usage : 2 capsules, once daily
Edible Tips : Take with a meal or 30 minutes after the meal
Storage Method : Please store in a cool and dry place
Shelf Life : 24 months

Taking it for 2 weeks, I feel more energy and sleep longer at night. With added routine meal and with this supplement, I am sure it does help over time to rejuvenate and stay healthy. Looking at the mirror, lesser puffy eyes and a little brighter complexion.

While my son had been looking at laptop, phones non stop and always blink and rub his eyes. We had tried eye drops but it doesn't work. Pharmacist had recommended to get supplements that contains blueberry as it contains high Vitamin A. 

I had then also added Wright Life Bright Blueberry to my son's diet and the link purchase is here: Wright Life Bright Blueberry 亮瞳蓝梅素 - 60 tablets / bottle(一瓶60剂) (topzmall.com)

This supplement helps promotes blood circulation around the eyes and healthy eye development. In addition to that, it helps reduce the risk of myopia also known as nearsightedness. It is unfortunately a very common vision condition in which you can see objects near you clearly but objects farther away from you look blurry. 

Wright Life Bright Blueberry helps to relief of dry eyes & fatigue when one stare at screen for too long without blinking and helps to filter harmful blue rays and improves memory.

Wright Life Bright Blueberries is made up of four main ingredients:

European Bilberry extract

The European bilberry extract is packed with great nutrients! Mainly Vitamin A, magnesium, iron, copper and antioxidants such as anthocyanin. It also helps improve vision and decrease eye vascular permeability and capillary fragility. Plus it provides vital nutrients to the eyes.

Algal oil

Algal oil is a DHA that is sourced from plants and is an important component of the brain and retina. It helps the healthy development of intelligence and vision in children, preteens and teenagers. 

Lutein extract

Lutein extract is a potent antioxidant and is extracted from marigolds. It’s a free radical scavenger which means it helps to protect cells from free radicals. It helps to filter harmful blue light and it is a great nutrient for the macula. The macula is the part of your eye that processes what you see directly in front of you, it’s part of the retina and key to vision. This is also why lutein extract improves vision.. 


B-Carotene is also known as Beta Carotene is derived from plants and fruits. The body naturally converts Beta Carotene into vitamin A which is a vitamin essential for vision. It plays a critical role in the growth of cells and helps to maintain the health of organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys. 

One week and he is not blinking his eye as often, well for long term improvement, we did limit his screen time and sleep early helps too! 

Don't forget to check out the video below and use my discount code during check out when you purchase at TopzMall at wright life Store (topzmall.com)

Alternatively, these 2 products also available at Shopee and Lazada.

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