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Traditional Cough Remedy

Thanks to Angie's aunt who is 70 years old, whom has been a midwife, caretaker and has dealt with children's. I manage to "drain" some cough remedy from her past experience traditional Chinese way. And here to share with all. ;)

1) For cough of which with phlegm or even not with phlegm still

For a week, get some "Chuen pooi" from Chinese Herbal shop and a red crunchy apple. Make a hole in the center of the apple, hole which is not through. The said "Chuen Pooi" to insert to the center of the apple and close with the apple lid. Put the entire apple to a small bowl and double steaming till an hour. Drink the inserts (babies) and eat with apples for adult.

2) Leaf with fur to boil with "Mat Zhou" for 2 hoursThe name of the leaf with fur is unknown, but you can get it from morning market and to ask for leaf with fur to cure cough. ;) This remedy is set to boil and to consume.

3) For cough exceeded 1 week or asthma to consume 3 days

Treating bad cough and asthma:
a) Crocodile meat - to get from Chinese Herbal Shop
b) Wai Sang - 2 piece
c) Fook San - 1
d) Mat Zhou - 1
e) Meat (Yuk Ngan) - RM2
f) Pau Sam - Small portion
g) Tong Sam - 1/2 portion

Mix all the above ingredients, put in a small pot and double steaming for 2 hour. To Consume.

4) Loh Hon Gor alone to boil for just 4 hour

Remember just to boil the "Loh Hon Gor" without rock sugar. To heal cough, sweetener is not needed. I did the mistake and no wonder the remedy didn't work out and the cough got worse. ;P

5) For cough with Phlegma) Lam Pak Hang
b) Kat Peng
c) Mat Chin Pei Pa Yip
d) Mou Fa Gor - 6 pieces
e) Mat Zhou - 1 piece

To boil the above for 4 hour, above ingredients to get from Chinese Herbal Shop

6) For night cough, cough with no phlegmGet an old Bentong ginger 4-5cm long, smash it once, put the ginger to boil with 1 bowl of water and 4 pieces of small rock sugar.

Double Boiling from Wikipedia: The food is covered with water and put in a covered ceramic jar and the jar is then steamed for several hours. This technique ensures there is no loss of liquid or moisture (its essences) from the food being cooked, hence it is often used with expensive ingredients like Chinese herbal medicines.

In Cantonese, double steaming is called dan (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: dùn).

*to note that by personal sharing of the above information, Mum Little Tots did not held responsible to the effectiveness and the affect to personal health.

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