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Marriage Time in December 2011

I am glad to have done with 5 days training, 4 with Allianz on Financial Planning and another for Public Mutual. 5 full day and me and kids were with mum. Poor hubby home alone for few days. Kiddos story aside but YES! We had a superb marriage time, just the two of us for a day or you may say 2 days with the training day.

Shopping with buying has never been this fun. Buying for New Year, yes, you heard it right. My schedule has all filled with activities coming months. Today, after settling my office visitor issue (delay flight, reset outlook password blah blah blah), we off to shopping centres. From TPM to Equine Park, passes IOI Mall, headed to One Utama, then to IKEA then pass by IPC parking area. I got hubby (he is with flu and he sustained the whole day long) and he got me all by ourselves. Had our favourite food, one shop after another. It taste good and not forgetting OSIM massage chair treat. LOL.

A little break from little one really do wonders. We both agreed. I am worned out after few days and yes we regained our energy. We talk about our little babies, jokes and we miss our babies too, just need a little break from the norm.

A fruitful day I would say, best to end 2011 soon. Happy 14th years anniversary to darling hubby . Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year ahead! Cheers.

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