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Herbalife For a Better Nutritive Health

I was visiting Janice Ward's home to get receipts for her Insurance Claim, and ended up curling up at her sofa like teenage girl after few cup of red wine and Herbalife shakes, Herbalife tea, chocolates, noodles, biscuits and titbits. I told her it really has been ages since I did that - I mean sleep over.

Lotsa girly chat, lotsa gossips and lotsa sharing. Well, I kinda enjoy the moment without hubby and kids at that time. I do mean during a public holiday that is.  

I was changing my family diet to Herbalife, as recent kids and family is on BMS organic.Heard about how Herbalife product rocks and here to have some testimony on how great it is.

Bought F1 - Vanilla & Tropical Fruit Flavour (shakes) & F3 (Whey Protein), Aloe Vera, Fish Oil in capsules, Lemon & Hibiscus Tea.
Others will need time to see the after effect, but Aloe Vera did its best. Hubby has had a sorethroat and after an overnite on it, it heals.

Janice is a very convincing distributor and a wellness coach of Herbalife. Her knowledge is great. Let her get you your right figure, lower your cholesterol, take care of your health and share of a great healthy family.

Who to Contact?

Janice Ward
+6012-283 5200
Wellness Coach, Herbalife

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