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Moms4Projects - Inspiring Mothers & Empowering Women

Its a privilege to be invited by dear Angeline to attend 2nd get together event happenning at One Residency Paper + Toast on 30th May 2015. A great place to connect mothers, friends and entrepreneurs together to share each of our passion towards our job, opportunity of businessand more important the power of networking.

Its never an easy journey for any mothers to drop her full time work and to cope the household biggest agenda ' ie. multitasking mum. At such we need much supports from friends, family and in this era online connection. It brings people together and we are much connected to the world unlike before.

The Mastermind..

Angeline Chin has got moms4 project for this cause. Your contribution as a reader and to share her blog and passion is well appreciated. Www.moms4projects.blogspot.com

Here is moms 4 project webpage http://www.moms4projects.com

The participant booths are from Aqu skincare products,Tarot reading,online Bazi magazine subscription and reading ,essential oil for wellness, Go Get community despatch service, 'kids safety gadget distributor, meta therapy and entrepreneur supports.

Opening welcome speech


Josephine Phang from BaziChic involves with digital magazine online. BaziChic gives insights on love, health and wealth and magazine online are available every quarter upon subsription. View Josephine online page here.


Emily Cheah, is dealing with Tarot card reader. She shares an interesting presentation on "Life is like a Fool's Journey", stages of life and how Tarot card works in telling oneself what's in one mind. The card you pick will normally reflects your thinking so that you are better in making your decision. She also highlights on the symbols that usually seen in Tarots card. 

Emily Cheah

Ms. Yang Fang Yi,  doTERRA Wellness shares about how essential oil helps in healing and oil card reader too. 

Wherecom is a Location Based Services provider. WhereCom core product includes a tracking and positioning software platform which features positioning, SOS, geo-fencing and more. The WhereCom applications are available on both iOS and Android and allow parents to locate their child, and, when necessary, for a child to send a quick SOS message if an emergency arises.

GoGetter.my Is About Creating A Better Malaysia For The Community By Applying Technology, Data-Driven Decision Making, And Systematized Operations To Solve A Massive, Offline Problem, The Lack Of Prevalent Ecommerce And Reliable Point-To-Point Delivery Service.

Sign up now with GoGetter. It works like a community despatch that helps each other to commute item wherever we are at our convenience and at the right moment. A great platform for those who like to have extra pocket money and mothers or some who are on the go. 

aQu deals with restoring skin hydration using a combination of exclusive plants and fruits extracts together with bio-tech ingredients.AQU is a pioneer skincare brand in using the latest bio-technology for restoring skin hydration. AQU formulation uses a combination of exclusive plants and fruits extracts together with bio-tech ingredients that gives the skin a balanced and natural moisture. This core formula has also proven to cleanse, tone and brighten the skin naturally by reactivating the process of recovery and maintaining the hydration flow.

Ms. Maryam was then sharing about Faradamani, a mystical theraphy that involves healing and connected to universal consciousness.
Session closed with En. Shamshul Bahril from Usahawansoho sharing on importance of business growth and applying Business Model Canvas (BMC). 

Finally with lovely group of people-group photography at the end of the session.Herewith wishing Angeline 'the very best and a great effort' 

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