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Tino's Pizza Cafe "The Neapolitan's Way - Gourmet & Right Away"

Thanks Jessica and Jannah from Tino's Pizza Café for the food tasting invitation.

First and foremost, here is Tino's Pizza Cafe Facebook page. It has the latest update on their latest promo, and I must say the menu and pricing of all items is pretty complete and great for one to plan their meal at Tino's pizza.

They has been in town for a year and 1 month by now and have 3 outlets of which located at Nexus Bangsar, The Garden's Mall and IOI City Mall.

With their vision of making gourmet pizza accessible to all Malaysian, Tina Gourmet Pizza born in Naples, the birthplace of pizzas. At Tino's pizza, they bring back the ancient artisan traditions of authentic Neapolitans pizzas, by baking hand-tossed dough at extremely high-temperature 500C in just 2 mins for that perfectly charred crust and toasty toppings!

Here is Tino's Pizza @ Nexus Bangsar. Located next to Chatime, as both are of the same group of companies.

The complete menu @ Tino's..
Beverage at Tino's...
Try its Kiwi and banana smoothies. Well blended and very filling.
Tino's Ice Fruit Tea has added passion fruit and very refreshing.
The 3 main specialty pizza at Tino's Pizza Café is Mr Tino, Lamb Abruzzo and Duck Caponata.
Mr Tino is one of the Italian favourite of beef bacon, pepperoni, mushroom, black olives, Capsicum and melted cheese. Love this with Thin and crispy crust. The blend of ingredients is tasty and has its unique taste.
Lamb Abruzzo is a garlic based pizza topped with lamb, Chilli Flakes and mozzarella Cheese. Would prefer it to be less cheesy and more sauce to blend with the lamb.

The Chef Special is Duck Caponata, one of its kind with unique roast duck recipe, topped with broccoli, capsicum, and melted cheese. Had to say this is delicious and perfect for those who wants a balance diet with a complete vege and meat meal.


 Here comes my favourite star dish "Peanut Butter Fries"... craving for more. ;) The beef bacon chips added makes this dish a great starter too.
 Fruit salad is topped with walnuts and passion fruit yogurt dressing which makes it a healthy sides. Dory Fish Fries...

 Puerto Spagetti is a pesto Bolognese spaghetti serves with seafood and prawns, calamari and clams. Servings are good with a good presentation. It would be good if less herbs are used to be able to get to taste the fresh seafood better.


 The "Worth to wait" Dessert Pizza. Lemonberry Delight and Peanut Butter Banana Oreo.
The fillings are of yogurt with a zest of lemon. So guilt free for weight watcher. I must say its a must try item in your list to order. ;) 

We did check out the new "King of Mango Shake" from Chatime too. It contains 100% fresh mango pulps exclusively imported from Pakistan,fresh milk and freshly prepared mango pudding. The fully ripened mangos harvested from the tree, quickly transported to the fruit processing plant, inspected and washed. Frozen pulp is then pasteurized to ensure that the natural flavor and aroma of the fruit is retained in the pulp.
A Thirst quencher and would be a great choice as a meal replacement too. ;)

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