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Skinsoul SkinShield travelling set

Skinsoul Mid Valley outlet:

Collection of Skinsoul cosmetics:

Thanks Skinsoul for the awesome travelling set, packed in a nice blue coloured box. 

Herewith showing the actual size of each item: 

SkinSoul Skin Shield series are mainly made up of Ashitaba leaf, an organic source to regain skin's youth, radiance and beauty, contains natural antibacterial properties, double up the natural preservative and are safe for most sensitive skin users.
It contains
 Swiss Glacier Water as product base which provides essential nutrients and vitamins to keep skin nourish
It is guaranteed to be 100% Paraben-free and lead-free; without any added of artificial chemical additives (Paraben is a dangerous ingredient found in many cosmetics to prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria and other microbes)
Hydra-Purifying Cleanser - RM210.94
SkinSoul Hydra-Purifying Cleanse contains vitamins and minerals from Ashitaba, it enriched with daisy flowers lightening properties. The natural botanical formulation clean your face thoroughly and gently, also whitening your skin. 

The water based pure Swiss Glacier Water gently wash out the impurities, excess sebum and pollution dust while nourishing skin softness and suppleness. 

Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion Mist Spray - RM210.94
Loads with skin calming, moisturizing and purifying properties from Ashitaba extracts. This lotion gently remove the oils impurities and clogged pores. This lotion also restore skin moisture after cleansing.  

This lightweight mist spray can be used as part of daily routine or even as a refreshing spray to keep skin hydrated and energized.

Bright Serum - RM305.28
This Lift & Bright Serum is formulated with smaller molecules of Ashitaba's anti-ageing essence that can enter into deepest layers of skin to restore skin's elasticity and firmness. 

Active polyphenols and flavonoids prevents the progression of cumulative damage, particularly the sun damage. It also contains peptides collagen to supple, fair and firmly lifted skin.

12-in-1 Sunscreen Day Cream (SPF50) - RM262.90

This  Ashitaba 12-in-1 light textured and easily absorb cream acts to protect your skin from sun protection and as makeup foundation that suits to all skin tone.
1. hydrates and protects skin
2. unifies complexion
3. whiten and brighten skin 
4. even up skin tone
5. conceals and correct blemishes
6. fights the ageing signs
7. protects skin ffom UV rays
8. promote skin health
9. soothes skin irritation
10. keep off free radicals
11. stimulate skin rejuvenation
12. nourish skin for a youthful radiance 

Night Cream - RM411.28

This night cream works overnight by depositing encapsulated retinol in precised concentration that is time release to helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, refine enlarged pores, correct blemishes and improve damaged skin.

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