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SKINSOUL Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes/ Clinical Wipes

SkinSoul PerfectWipe (RM53)

Love skinsoul wipes - great for busy mummy!!
With one swoop, there goes all the make-up residues. For eyeliner and mascara, leave on wipes for a minute for easy removal.

Was in Selamat Pagi Malaysia TV show tis morning and a quick erase of make up, rest and ready for next event at night. No longer need a mess of cottons and bottles of remover.
Best of all, no alcoholic smells.

Even if you are carrying your baby, juggling between naptime, food time, keep a pack in your car, a pack at your bedroom side table. Just wipe make up off without having to drag yourself to the washrooms and rinse.

This wipes act as face lifting as well, with the natural ingredients. Wipe from chin up to the cheek. Made in Korea. ;)


Texture of Wipes

And here are the dirt's impurities ;P
Well, if it's not wipe off, it will stay on your skin.

Jaden smells it and says "Wow, mummy! It smells fresh!"
a) It removes all the stubborn water-proof makeup, grime and dirts in just 1 SIMPLE Step.
b) formulated with Swiss Glacier Water with 4 essential oil, 4 antioxidant and 3 Hydrating & Soothing Ingredients
c) No artificial Perfume, Colour, Harsh Chemicals are added and Paraben & Lanolin Free.
d) Will not clog pores
e) Will not irritate eyes and skin
f) Good for acne prone and ultra sensitive skin
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