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Allianz Foodie Hunt 2015 - My personal review ;) part 1

17 October is fulled of events and glad I had chosen this. We bring you the Lasak cousins. :) 

This is our first time and it has been ages since we had our cousins activities together. It started with a gathering at Allianz office in Plaza Sentral with a briefing session after everyone has changed to a T-shirt. The registration fee of RM90 per group are inclusive of a bottle of minarel water, one nice cotton Allianz T-shirt, Allianz cap and a mask for the haze just in case - all in a goodie bag. Emcee announced : I hope everyone have had their Allianz shirt on,  or had tried to have their shirt on. @@
Size is one for all so it wasn't for everyone. Maybe Allianz should consider having different size next year for everyone. 33 group X 3 =99 pax. :)

Then we have Zumba session before we flagged off. Was great as it lift up the spirit but kinda long for me - lost of energy... and hungry..... 

It flagged off 9am sharp and we need to be back to the checkpoint given by 1pm. 

First checkpoint: Restoran Jai Hind.
Take Lrt to Masjid Jamek using touch and go card is of no hassle and follow through Google or waze to find the exact place. Haha. 😄 
Caution for those who hasn't taken Lrt for long. Along the walk way you will find sellers trying to sell you goods,  bargaining as well. Quiet in the morning. 

Reached the restaurant. Early morning and 3 of us look at the food. None of us favours Indian Sweets to be frank and yes! I took up the challenge. SINCERELY. ...extremely sweet jelebi, laado and 2 others. It's in a pack and you need to finish it. Can't really swallow as it taste like your mouth is dunk into sugars. Dreadful swallowing. @@ Done another task of collecting the names of the food and we are off after getting a stamp from the marshal. I keep looking at the nice roti canai and other food that customer is having in Restoran Jai Hind... Drooling.
Was then walking cum running to the next stop, me still swearing on the sugar sweet thing. It's a no no for me. Little sugar is energy but too much=diabetes. Watch out what you consume,  readers! 

And I look like dracula in below picture.😈😈
And the food picture is the delicious one we spot which we didn't get to eat.  Sob sob. 

Not far away.... 2nd pit stop. A little crowded when we arrived. Team 7...we said.  Marshal put a tick on his sheet.
Us :Where's the food?
Them: Can you please take a seat and we will bring to you...
Us,  precisely me could just eat standing. End up finding a spot to sit.  Still can enjoy chatting and watch others how they finish the food. Food wasn't ready still.... clock ticking and I thought this is a hunt ie race? Everyone is rushing and food should be ready ie. All 33 plates should be ready by the time we arrived aren't it.
Disappointed as we need to wait and it wasn't quick. Sis say this is not amazing race.... so lower our expectation.  :p
I am hungry hence me again. Very nice combination of roti canai with a pour of dhall sauce. 2 half boil egg and a great source of protein for the day. Happy face! 😆😆

From Masjid Jamek we hop on to Kg Baru station. An alien place for us... so we took extra care as this place is more residential area. Walking along the road side is very quiet and lucky we meet with another boys team to go together. Motorist comes and go.... doesn't really feel safe. Was surprised there is no safety crew in sight. Disappointed. 😕😕

Nasi campur this round and cousin is up to this challenge. The owner is so generous offering big plate of plain rice with nicely fried big fish and some ulam.  Cousin looking at plain white rice and says "Any sauce? Any sauce?" Haha. No one seem to reply and we had to ask and get our own sauce and cutlery. 

Suggestion: Again,  shouldn't all this be together on the plate,  at least the fork and spoon to save time... instead of taking it from Marshal table. Hmmm...And the spoonful of sauce.... 

Me: do you really need to eat the fish till so clean. ..we need to go. ..
Cousin enjoying the fish... it's yummy she say.  Haha. 
We certainly enjoy the cousins day and the food more than the race. Muahaha. 

The other 2 pictures are the food that they have here in this place. 

Ok... now comes to the dreadful experience of finding the next stop. Nasi padang @ Makanan Padang Asli Kampung Pandan. Btw... both of this stop at kg baru is far away from LRT station. Plus you can easily got lost as the waze or Google map doesn't show you the correct place that the jalan should be. Makes you go up and down the road and we had just pass by the place unknowingly cause the restaurant sign board is hidden under the roof. Duh  and big sigh.  Imagine we spent an hour here for this 2 place.

Sister eat as it's her first meal. We got a choice of beef or fish and we had ikan masak jering. Tasty she say.

This next station is fast. Klcc station.  Since sis works nearby she is expert in leading the way.  Amazed..

Clap clap clap! And she got herself mee mamak upon arriving Pelita restaurant.  She must be real hungry as even this is her second meal,  all in tummy in a minute or so. Add in another lime in the noodle makes it more delicious.
Love the plate that writes "Terima Kasih. Sila datang lagi"....burppp and we are off again after getting stamp from the marshal.
Taking sweet time to capture this lovely moment:

Reaching Bangsar after 6 stops from KLCC station. Jalan Kemuja at bangsar thru waze is a no no.  Leading to wrong way. We ask help from nearby patron. Some shakes head and yes finally one knows where it is... we end up following another team who is running to the direction. They must be certain as they are running.  Lol.  We chuckles. :)

Reaching Fierce Curry House. Yay....can't wait to eat.  My favourite Briyani. 11.45pm. I remember the time as was rushing in submitting photo to Facebook while trying to put spoonful after spoonful of rice into the mouth. Multitasking.
Delicious and creative presentation of food I must admit and comment. Did you see the bowl?  It covers with a bread layer at the side.  To keep the food warm maybe. Aromatic rice and yes. .. finish it very quick too.

Hot weather

We decide not to go to the other 2 stop even we have 1 hour to spare. Reason being:

- one stop need to use KTM and we estimate a longer wait for the train
- another in pudu for cendol.  Need a long walk
- tired haha.  Excuse
- most important me n sis need to rush to brother convocation on time at 2 pm or earlier at sunway. .. Else dead meat.

Off we go finding the final pit stop. So happy as we are the second team there. We finish the qualifying 6 stops. The first team who arrives finish 8. They race most of the time. Great job.

Thanks to Allianz for arranging nice massage session after the hunt. Since we are early we had our massage upon reaching. No waiting time.  Great!
 Was  indeed pampering.  They even have manicure too.

We didn't win anything but value:
- the cousin day out and bonding time
- the great strategy that we have in completing the fastest among those who has 6 pit stop like us.
- enjoyed the whole race with memorable pictures and lots of laughter along the way
- thank god no insects eating.
- mummy get away and me time - who says mummy can't enjoy? Just find time and chill - life is more than just changing pee pee for my kids and folding my mountain high laundry and cooking and housechores...
- toned up legs...and sweat it out after ages. Lol.
- sharing great experience
- discovering new places and local commuting transportation.
- we enjoy the food as 3 of us speaks malay with each other most of the time and eating mamak and malay dishes is our fav.

We got our certs too. Doesn't we look like 16? Haha. Semangat. Cheers. :)

More coverage from my sis blog.... you won't want to miss this too...

We dash off to Sunway skipping the lunch and got updates from cousin sis online. Turning ourself into little butterfly as much as we could for our dearie brother convo with lots of perfume.  :)
No full body shots as we are on our sports shoe. 😆😆😆

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  1. Haha very nice post sis..yes it was the most memorablr outing ever