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Parenting Conference 2015

Families today face unsurmountable challenges and issues like never before. The advancement in technology, particularly in gaming and social media, and the unrelenting pressures of being in a rat race, are prominent factors that lead to breakdown in relationships between individuals, parent-children and families.
This conference addresses these issues, focusing on the importance of leadership, work balance, healthy communication, and social and emotional interactions in family relationships. The aim is to build strong family units and to inspire our children to be resilient and responsible persons.

Enjoyed this Parenting Conference.

FGA offers some children program as well on the same day and children are well fed, enjoyed the games and activities, and us -  the parents can fully concentrate on the Parenting Conference. No more excuses that you are not able to attend. On the fees, its a minimal of RM80 per couple and RM15 for children 6-12 years old. Below 5 is FOC.

Its great to refresh our parenting guideline and method every few years as we are not perfect parent after all - trying to keep track. Demanding society, economy and the growth of our children has made us being a stronger parent.

We focus on the dad this round. How dad plays an important role in shaping the child.
Videos, Q&A and great speakers.

Summary for the day:

1. Do not outsource parenting
2. Be aware of what research says
3. Detached from Mother, Attached the Father
4. Fathers Impact nations and generations
5. Lives the values you want to teach
6. Children is not exam Marks
7. Practice Love-Based Parenting, not Expectation based Parenting
8. Decide TODAY how you want your children to remember you
9. Create memories in fun and creative ways
10. Provide a happy and safe home
11. Serve God as a family

There is another great equation:
Rules-Relationship = Rebellion
Rules+Relationship = Response

4 Magic Word
Thank You
I'm Sorry
I Love you

Signing off now.

Experience yourself and do check out their next conference.

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