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Toysarus Star Member Sale @ Pearl Point Hotel 2nd floor event hall 21 to 25 October 2015

Passing by and seen the sale banner.  Heard of the sale this morning in FB too and checking it out.

Plenty of parking at 6pm. They have ladies parking allocation hence it's very convenient. Went in B1 and just next to the parking will be the lift to 2nd floor event hall.

Just in case you didn't bring your Toysarus member card,  there is a counter for replacement and new application.

There are plenty of items. If you are looking for nerf gun,  Lego, there is none. Even hotwheel is only a few pack on best buy item.  Not too impressed but there are some other things going on at flat best buy and 70% too.

You can see lots of Crocs alike shoe. Princess item, cooking set, even big item like rocking horse. musical items, school bags, bottles, CD's for children and lots more.

Here are some snapshots:

Beside Toysarus you can shop for Xixili products too :)

Here comes the preview of toys...
Those that are without these stickers are best buy items...


Babies Series... 

These are all flat prices


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