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Le Maison Cafe & Mansion - freebies if you log in to "PromoteLa" apps

I could safely say this is my favourite hang out spot. Perfect for a fine or casual dinner as they serve from fish and chips to its famous must try steak. Only get to know on the steak upon ordering all and filled up. Hence definitely on my next trip. And Brian still owing me a wahyu. Lol. 

I am a freak for chocolate ice cream and the Belgium chocolate at Le Maison is simply irresistible. I had 3 scoops.  Burp. See?  Feed the blogger right and you got extra comment even if it's just an ice cream. Haha.  Just joking.  But it's a must try! 

 Environment and decor pieces perfect for tea with your besties too. 😍

Check out my hungry besties. He loves fish and chips and I am really amazed by the big serving.  Kudos! Well worth - a must try.  Loves it's tar tar sauce. Nachos nice too.

After the satisfying meal,  we move to Mansion opposite road. Mansion and Le Maison shared the same ownership.
The crowd building up after 10 and a great place to chill.

A must try is the scallop. Perfect it with a glass mojito- yum!

Posing with my favourite panda wall.  Wink. :)

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