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Sleep with Shark programme for kids at Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia

Thanks to Aquaria KLCC for the great experience at your sleep with shark program recently!

Jaden has his first overnight trip and to his liking in Aquaria KLCC. Sleep with shark program is unique as kids experience the after visitation hour, nightlife of marine creatures.

This is Aquaria KLCC signature programme for children. Kids could witness various nocturnal activities by their sharks and other marine creatures. The fun-filled night includes feeding sessions, hands-on night activities, night educational tours and of course, the unique experience of sleeping with the sharks.

This programme is suitable for children aged between 6-13 years old. Children will make new friends while having fun with all the fun-filled activities.

What’s more fun is children will get to enjoy the adventurous activities at Aquaria KLCC:
  • Nocturnal Walk
  • Discovery Hunt
  • Exclusive Feeding Show

The programme will normally held during school holiday, and happening on Saturday to Sunday. You will drop off your child on Saturday 10.30 am at Grouper Hall, Aquaria KLCC.  

Time of pick up would be 10.30 am on the next day, which is on Sunday.

Kids are the happiest on their first experience. But what mum encounter as parent:
* anxiety over their safety
* anxiety over their emotional being
* anxiety over their adaptation to the new overnight environment
* will they follow the crowd
* do they have enough to eat
* and the list will go on...

That's what make parent like me stay back looking at them, hoping they will catch a glimpse of us, hoping they will miss us as much as we miss them. LOL.

Ok, its normal when most of the parent did the same, so we are normal. ;)

They get it started with a proper safety briefing, and ensure us that our children is in good hand with them.

Everyone is being communicated on the insights of the 2 days programme:

You will be reminded to bring these packing items for your kid:

√ Jacket / jumper (compulsory)
√ Shoe (we will be going outside for the morning walk in the morning)
√ Toiletries (slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, towel, etc.)
√ Pajamas
√ Socks
√ Clothing for the next day
√ A sleeping bag
√ Sleeping mat & blanket - exceptional; for your comfort
√ Small Pillow
√ Water bottle

* No flashlights glow sticks, Gameboys, music players, candy or gum please!

And that's why you will see Jaden carrying a backpack and his sleeping bag. He insist to include his shark book too.

Children's are being brief to follow their group and the will break into 3 groups, managed by 3 facilitators.

The group names: (shark names of course!)

Hands on touching starfish and more!

The tour begins and everyone follow the group. Facilitators are seen explaining to the children most of the time, and kids are asking lots of questions!

Interactive screen are seen at some locations if you wish to know more about the species of the marine creatures:

Special shark fin exhibits:

Now, the next highlights: the aquarium tunnel amazed them:

More exhibits at night

The main highlights goes to sleep with the shark, photo credit to Aquaria, KLCC. I did not went in, but he mention it was a memorable experience. He cant get his eyes of the fishes, and had a sweet dream, thinking about his underwater adventure...

He revisited the creepy crawlies with me, and tell me how the facilitator let them feel some of the non poisonous ones. Indeed a great experience.

Mummy, can I stay in another night? Well, kids learnt a lot from experience. If your kids love sharks book, and shark encyclopedia, he/ she will love this experience.

Where Is This?
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to book?

Please call +603 2333 1888 or email education@aquawalk.com to check out their next available session!

  • "Sleep with Sharks" T-shirt
  • "Sleep with Sharks" Official Certificate

Enroll now!

  • RM 211 per pax
    (Inclusive of GST)


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