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Kimi-Ya Japanese restaurant at Avantas residence

Kimi-Ya is nestled at a busy area in Old Klang Road. Its at the ground floor of Avantas Residence, making it a quiet place for dining. Best of all, it comes with great good with affordable pricing.

There are really many choices in their menu to choose from. I know you cant wait to scroll down to see some of the menu snapshot I had, and I have decided not to post all so that you can go over yourself to explore the other quarter of the menu book. I don't think there is anymore excuse as in my favorite is not there, basically they cover most of the delicacies that you want when you are looking into Japanese cuisine. 

Kimi-Ya has been around very new, 3 months by now but after talking to the friendly Chef Khim whom has 16 years experience in Japanese food and dining, we are impressed on his passion on bringing the art of eating and healthy meal to his customer. He love to share at our review session; how to eat, what goes well with the dish, how to make the dish better and he tells us on what sauce to blends with. Best thing is Chef love to research and come out with lots of special sauces that blends well with each dishes.

This is the outlet from in and outside. Cozy lighting and you can see more beer for sale on display at the rack on the right side.

(Salada) Yasai Salad RM 18
Avocado with Seaweed Salad

(Salada) KIMI-YA Soft Shell Crab Salad RM 33
Deep Fried Soft Shell crab salad with their homemade Dressing

Both the above salad has 3 dressing option which is Sesame, Wafu and Yuzu. 

Ayu Shioyaki RM 28
Grilled Japanese Sweet Fish With Salt .
Check out my video on how Chef de bone the fish at my instagram

Hotate To Kinoko No Mentai Yaki RM 28
Who doesn't love Hotate Mentai Yaki? Haha. One of hubby favourite - and now my favourite too. This comes with not only scallop but mushroom too. 

KIMI-YA Sushi Moriawase

Hana Sashimi Moriawase ( 6 Types ) RM 90
I love the presentation of this. Very arty. There is an option for 4 or 7 types too. But I like this presentation the best.

KIMI-YA Special Roll RM36
Avocado , Tuna and cucumber roll

Salmon Kabuto Miso Nabe RM 23
The broth is good, but only if you are a fan of salmon broth. I still prefer the crunchy salmon skin or the grilled salmon. ;P

Goushuu No Wagyu Shabu Shabu
Japanese Wagyu Shabu Shabu

Love this Japanese curry Udon.  Worth a shout out. Not so spicy and kids love it. 

 Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon
Chef Kim show us on how to eat this dish. On the left there is a quail egg and once the plate is lifted, there is a bowl with sauce.
3 ways to dine:
- scoop some noodle and dip in the sauce and slurp it in your mouth.
- same with above step but this time take the noodle with wasabi
- next is pour the quail egg to the sauce, and repeat the above step. Quail egg creates that smooth and better texture of the sauce. 

Mizu Shingen Mochi RM 10
Isn't this cute? Its the Japanese Raindrop Cake served with brown sugar syrup and soybean powder. Kids definitely love this. 

Gelatimo ice cream. Love the chocolate most, Black Sesame , Macha and Yuzu Sherbet Ice Cream

Home made Sake. Great to pair with sashimi and other delicacies. Warm, sweet with the unique taste.

As promise, I am spoiling you for the "many-item-to-choose-for" partial menu of Kimi-Ya. Hope this would enable you  to see that your most sought after favorites is after all in an affordable price.

Bon Appetite!

Where Is This?

Address : G-2, Avantas Residences, 162, 
Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : 013-239 3406
Hours : Daily 12:00PM - 3:00PM , 6:00PM - 10:30PM

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