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Water safety with Cheekaboo : a must know tips for confident Swimming Babies

Thanks Cheekaboo for organizing a great talk on water safety for babies and children.  It benefits us parents on understanding that swimming is not merely about backstroke, butterfly, doggie paddle etc but it's about water safety and confidence.

I put up a summary on what I heard at the talk for the benefit of all. Hope this create awareness to all.

We are at risk of uncovered sewerage system, and swimming pool without barricade in Malaysia. Hence, under 3 years old kid especially boys are prone to water accident.They are fast and attracted to water. Therefore parents are advisable never leave eyes away from their children.

Do you know that if one fall in the swimming pool, they will end up 3 to 5 meter from the side of the pool as the water tend to flow them in.

Therefore, we need to teach our children how to be well verse in water.

When we teach child how to swim, water safety is priority. This is to develop the child to control and be confident in water.
* Spent time with our children.
* Ensure the water is warm enough - above 32 degree, or body temperature for baby.
* Tongue for baby is bigger. So not necessary to tell baby to close the mouth during bath as they would have auto reflex to prevent choking when we pour water on baby head.
* Prepare cup and bath toys.
* Praise baby with "Hurray" once done. It's never too silly in front of everyone when it comes to having fun bath and play time with kids.We must be creative.
* To practice the below for baby 0 to 6 months and they can go to proper swim school thereafter.

How to choose good baby swimming program? Parent to find out:
* Is there any proper sop with the school.
* Any proper trained teacher that had experience in child development
* Proper pool - to avoid cloudy, green and chlorine smells. When baby cry the whole session, it may mean they are not comfortable and too cold
* Are the teachers qualified ? To understand that bronze Medallion is for life guard. Not swim teacher.

For safety, ideally house pool should come with barricade. We need to create awareness to children that is the pool is deep and children are to be thought on water safety.  No one is drown proof.

Swimming requires knowing movement. Children need to be comfortable in and out water and parent should ensure they are 1 meter radius distance with children.

Bryan Yap teaches in acrobats.
I asked a question on how to deal with my girl who often turn blue in the pool after some time when water is cold.
Bryan advice how to detect the child who is cold and need help.

First stage: Cold -finger nail turn blue.
Second stage: Lips turns blue
Third stage: Shivering

Parents should react during the first stage, as by the time they shivers it will be too cold.
Wipe them dry and give them a cup of hot water.

How long is recommended for a swimming programme? It's 30 min max to be effective and efficient for babies and children under 5 and maximum 1 hour for children above 5. This is to prevent fatigue.

Thanks Bryan for giving us an insights and the importance of CPR which most of us neglect.
Compression need to be done first before blow; of which 30 compression in between of 2 blow to the mouth and nose.

For more information on water safety, you may join "Water Safety and Swim Teacher network Malaysia" in Facebbok.

Check out the range of baby swimwear up to 8 years old. Why Cheekaboo? It keeps baby and kids warm to have the best experience of water play.

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Cheekaboo at Parenthood, Sunway Pyramid

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