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Skydiving with Air Rider at One Utama

If you wanted to experience skydiving, here is the place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Last weekend is a great get together and a fun trip to cherish. Located at One Utama, AirRider Indoor Skydiving is an experience the thrill of flight. Its the only wind tunnel in Malaysia, the first in a mall in Asia Pacific and is the flagship facility for the brand.

FYI, AirRider has been created to the highest and safest quality standards. It is managed by Australian company ISA Group who runs multiple successful facilities in Australia and the region.

To book a ride, just register over the counter at Lot No. F601 2nd Floor, 1 Utama. 
(Its located along the bridge in between old wing and new wing of One Utama)

Checking in online to get all our details filled. Simple and fast.

A stamp on the hand showing how many flight that you have signed up.

Packages that you can choose from to start with:

Firstly, we are guided to a room where we would watch a video, explaining how indoor skydiving with Air Rider works and the safety features. We will need to know the hand signal and body position and we are thought 3 basics cue: to relax, leg straight and chin up.

  Thereafter, we will be given our gear to fit in, and one must have a string tied shoe. If you have not have any, they would have one of your size. Ear plug is a must and its a disposable unit to ensure hygiene. We gear up our flight suit, helmet, goggle and ear plug!

We are now ready to go inside the waiting chamber that looks like this:

How It Works?
Indoor Skydiving simulates the free fall component of outdoor skydiving - without the plane, parachute, or risk. Just lean into the wind assisted by our expert instructors and start flying.

First round of skydiving, the instructor will bring you in for a simple diving, and on the 2nd time, it's time for a high diving and you got to have a few high low spin. It's super exciting. Sadly we didn't get the video but picture paints a thousand words.

I am amazed that its safe yet fun and even a 3 years old can do it. Its for age 3-99 years old as stated.

Once is really never enough and April surprise me that she enjoyed the flight!

Remember to breath when you are in the chamber. Else you will look like Jaden in this picture. Haha.

The instructor will bring you in one by one, each time for few minute and no worries on the photos as you will get your photo taken, you just need to relax, smile and enjoy.

The 360 degree glass flight chamber allows you to share your experience with friends and family.

Gears for instructors

There are drinks for sale in the center too.

If you are adventurous and would like to try VR series next time, you will just need to add another RM100 to the current package that you are taking.

Where Is This?
Check it Out!!
AirRider Indoor Skydiving
1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Utama E, 
City, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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