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Iviora Moringa BioEnzymes improves my digestion

Being a busy mum, its also sometimes mean delaying lunch and not in time meal. This had given me lots of digestion problem and stomach in comfort. I give it a try  when my friends recommend me to Moringa Bioenzymes by Iviora. I take it after a heavy meal and when i feel bloated. Like it ever since, the sweet sour taste, just right to my liking. Best of all, my stomach feels better and i could enjoy my favourite food like glutinous rice, tong yuan, yam rice and others kueh without having to worry of indigestion.

Do You Know?
World Health Organization (WHO) has undertaken scientific researches on the moringa plant is extremely nutritional and medicinal.

Here is how Japan formulated Moringa Bioenzymes packaging looks like:

I take one sachet per time after a heavy meal, supper or or late dinner as it helps to absorb oil in our body.

It's recommend to consume Iviora Moringa BioEnzymes with these tips:  
* Mix with 150ml room temperature water.
* Stir and drink immediately

* Drink extra 2 cups of water after consuming for body detox function.
* Not to consume product with empty stomach/before sleep 

I would say that Moringa Bioenzyme is an energy booster drink too. ;)
By the way, I found this online, an easy 4 steps to your healthier body with Moringa Bioenzymes for your reference.

  • Helps to promote proper and healthy 17 digestive enzymes.
  • Inhibits the absorption of cholesterol and bile acid through intestine.
  • Improves intestinal environment and promote friendly bacteria such as bifidobacteria. 
  • Enhance the ability in cleaning intestinal colon.
  • Promotes liver detoxification protection though urination (Detoxification I). 
  • Helps in soften and improve bowel movement (Detoxification II). 
  • Enhance detoxify toxins and unwanted chemicals from inside out, especially liver and kidney organ. 
  • Gives healthier liver function, reduce risk of alcohol related liver disease, chronic hepatitis and gall bladder.
  • Improves nutrients absorption with excellent amino acids to the cells and restore body enzymes. 
  • Promote healthy circulatory system and improve energy as well as stamina. 
  • Increase body metabolism and develop a healthy body, liver and kidney for stronger immune system. 
  • Balance up body PH.
  • Powerful antioxidant (ORAC) and improve delivery of oxygen to cells 
  • Helps in rejuvenate and improve blood vessels. 
  • Refresh the brain function entire body. 
  • Slow down aging process and gives healthier skin.

Where To Get This?

Here is some other benefits of Iviora Moringa BioEnzymes:

* Contain with 17 types of digestive enzymes for healthy digestion
* Rich in Phytonutrients complex
* High in alkaline and balance body PH
* High in ORAC and antioxidant
* Enhance with detoxification I and II
* Helps in neutralize and flushes toxins from human body through urination
* Regulate bowel movement
* Promote nutrient absorption and transport to every cell of the body
* Promote and strengthen immune system 
* Enhance in nourishing and healing the body and mind
* Promote healthy skin
* Rich in nutrition for infants, pregnant woman


2 sets of Reader Gift Set will be given out free, each set includes Iviora Transparent Pouch + 2 product sachets + RM10 discount voucher (Total Worth ~RM 50/set including postage). 

For readers who are interested, please contact Iviora at their 
FB Page: Iviora Malaysia and PM: "I want Free BioEnzymes Gift Set, JessieKoo2019"

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