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Finally a satisfactory hair fix at 72 Change Hair Salon - Cheras Outlet

I always fascinated by Korean artist who had their Korean perm beautifully done, Kim Seol-Hyun, Park Min Young, Han Hyo-Joo, Ha Ji Won, Park Shin-Hye, or Song Hye-kyo. Here I am finally stepping into 72 Change hair salon at Cheras near Balakong and and super needed expert advice to help me to create a new look.
Weekday morning is always a great day to get my hair fixed, and it's like having a VVIP treatment.

Hair stylist Ken is super patient in explaining and advice what's need to be done, my hair problem and what can be done to make the hair as lively as possible.Recently I had a problem with dandruff and he mention its due to several factor: lack of sleep, stress and shampoo used may not be suitable.

Too many problem when I didn't maintain it for long and yes, I have been too busy that I forget about myself.  I have been tying my hair almost everyday without fail. It turns out to be lifeless I would say. My middle hair line turns to be very prominent as has been tying hair to the back and makes the front looking a bit bald. Well... it wasn't exactly bald but it's pulling the hair to the back little by little

Let's start with cutting the brittle hair away!

Do you know that colouring hair with lighter colour may also lead to dry and brittle hair ends.  He advice for me to get a natural brown colour from IDS in between 5/77 and 6/77.

So we start with a hair wash using scalp shampoo that targets hair fall, dandruff and oily scalp as it's more clean. Kyo advice that I can use use dandruff aka scalp shampoo once a week for the cooling effect which can reduce stress too and to use moisture shampoo for other days. Conditioner is a must.

Ken then did a 5 min revive treatment to the hair before perming to protect the hair. This treatment is an application before perming. No washing is needed. It's like a base to prevent dry hair when in connecting with chemicals, also giving the hair nutrient.My first time as often they do treatment only after.

Korean curl is 5 min heat followed by 15 min cooling.

Here is the halfway result before getting a quick lunch downstairs for 30 minutes. Tadaaa...love the natural curl.

Hair colouring then took 30 min waiting period whole hair followed by 10 min colouring near scalp.

Next hair wash for 2 times using repair hair shampoo for coloured hair, with conditioner.

During hair colouring, there is a tingling feeling at scalp especially top of my head. It's advisable to use a toxic removal Essence that removes the toxic if one frequence hair colouring (due to exstence of chemical).  It's to apply and Vico did a very good head message thereafter.  Relaxing! If you want a substitute for massage, come here for 2 in 1 hair wash and shoulder massage. :)

Hair that undergo chemical services are often dry and need a lot of protein and nutrition to regain its hydration and moisture. Here, another treatment is applied and steamed for 10 minute for absorption.

When you have some hair stylist who gave a confident, good advice, I don't mind having them to fix my hair base on their experience.

Total hour use: 11am to 5.30pm. A whopping 6 hours plus a stealing 30 min lunch and here is the result! Whoopy happy me.

Check out their opening promo on their Facebook up till July.

Cut +Scalp treatment =RM60(Any length)
Cut +Biostraight +treatment =RM169++(Short hair)
Cut💇=RM20(Any length)
6 step Treatment = RM200+ (depending on length)

Where Is This?

72 Change Hair Salon - Cheras Outlet
53A-1 Jalan Dataran Cheras 3
Dataran Perniagaan Cheras
43200 Cheras Selangor
Business hours 🕦
10.30am-8pm (Mon-sat)
10am-7pm (Sunday)

Puchong outlet has been around for 8 years and this Cheras outlet is a newly open branch since May 2019. I can easily park downstairs in the morning.

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