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Tasty and Nutritious Avocado, storing Avocados and it's recipes

I always love to get avocado for the kids knowing that it's high in vitamin E, good for skin and hair. Today I am at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall for it's "Tasty and Nutritious" Avocado campaign in collaboration with Taste Australia. Ms Alexandra Prabaharan, a certified nutritionist and health advocate, is present and explain that Avocado is beyond the buttery and tasty. The unique combination of vitamins and minerals found in avocados can help to keep our immune system strong, boost our energy, enhance brain power, increase bone strength, aid gut health, support healthy skin, and put us in better mood.

We samples some recipes from Ms Alexandra, and here to share for you to try at home:

A. Avocado Devilled Eggs
Serves 6
Cooking time: 10 minutes
1 ripe avocado
6 eggs, hardboiled
2 tsp mustard
1 squeeze of lime
1 pinch cayenne
1 pinch paprika

Cut the eggs in half and spoon out the yolk Mash the yolk with the avocado, mustard, lime, cayenne and paprika. Pipe this back into the hollowed out eggs and sprinkle with cilantro leaves.

** As she is preparing the hard boil egg, it's advisable not to boil very fresh egg as the egg shell will be very intact to the egg and hard to peel off.

B. Malaysian Avocado Smoothie
Serves 2
Cooking time: 5 minutes

1 avocado
1 Tbs gula Melaka, heated with bruised pandan leaf
3/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup coconut cream

Blend everything till smooth and creamy. Enjoy cold.

C. Avocado Chocolate Mousse
Serves 2
Prep time: 5 minutes
Setting time: 30 minutes

1 avocado
1 banana, brown and ripe
1/4 cup coconut milk
1-3 tbs honey, depends on the ripeness of the banana
2-3 tbs cocoa powder, depending on how chocolatey you like it
Assorted berries for topping

Put all the ingredients in a food processor or in a bowl with a hand held immersion blender and blend till smooth. Put into a serving dish and chill in the fridge for at least 30mins to set and top with berries.

Ms. Prabaharan said avocados could also boost the nutrition of other healthy foods, with research showing that adding avocado to a salad can increase our ability to absorb key nutrients in other fresh vegetables such as lycopene from red tomatoes and beta carotene from orange carrots.

Austrade Trade Commissioner Caitlin Noble said fresh Australian Avocados are consistently delivered to Asia in 48 hours.

Finally, some tips how to ripen avocados as per below. How to know if it's ripe? Press gently on the top of avocado and if it's a little soft, its ready to be consumed.

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