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Saviour for HFMD or Coxsackievirus outbreak season with Armour8+

Most mothers are fear of HFMD or Coxsackievirus outbreak season but somehow it can't be avoided especially if the kids are at school and at the playground area during weekend. We can't keep them away from these places but we can keep them safe if these places are sanitise well. I had experience once where my younger kids kindergarten is close for a week and it cause so much trouble to working parents. I come across Armor8+ kids spray and I do think we should always keep one at home and bring a handy one for outdoor.

Armor8+ is specially formulated to kill germs and viruses fast while maintaining its effect through out 30 days. This formula was inspired to help to fight or prevent infectious diseases and viruses such as E Coli, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Streptococcal Bacteria, Klebsiella and Staphylococcus Aureus. Armor8+ is tested and verified by several re-known testing labs with the killing rate of as much as 99.99% for bacteria and 99.98% for viruses in a short period of time.

It's easy to use as to spray and wipe,  let dry and it could last up to 30 days.
There are 3 bottle variant : 250ml, 150ml that is up to 500sprays, and a 60ml that last for 160 sprays. I let my elder boy keep the smaller bottle for his school use. It's handy and just in case anyone is not well in his class,  he could ensure the things that has common contact be spray. It may not be a 100% coverage but at least to minimise the risk.

The non-toxic and odorless sprays are ideal for mothers, pet owners, gym enthusiasts, car owners, office workers and can also be used in public spaces such as preschools, food & beverage outlets and restrooms.

Here are some of Armour8+ details available in below platform if you need to know more:
Website link: www.armor8.com.my

Armour8+ is available at these represented pharmacies & baby store: http://www.armor8.com.my/retail%20list.pdf

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