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Welcoming 2020 and back to school soon with Pallas shoes

Kids growing up too fast and we have to always ensure they have a proper foot wear especially school shoe. I am very concern when buying school shoe for my children.

The first criteria I will aims for the quality measurement and extra comfort. It is very important to get a good school shoe to protect the kid’s feet and reduce injuries. Kids spend almost 8 hours a day in their school and burden from the overloaded school books and heavy bags. Their feet are growing fast and we have to more alert in getting the right fit shoe for them.

Shoes should be flexible but supportive. A good shoe should weigh about 250 grams. We must allow a maximum of one thumb width between the big toe and the end of the shoe. I will also more concern on the inner sole that provides good cushioning and extra comfort.
I highly recommended School Shoe ranges from Pallas. Here are my choices;

Pallas Model 307-0194BK
It has a good Quick Dry Ventilation System.  Excellent ventilation system to keep my kids feet breathing during their prolonged hours in school.

Arch evenly distribute pressure across your feet and align your body. Arch supports are a great source for balance and support. Pallas School Shoe has perfect Arch Support comfy insoles that provides better protection on joints when walking. Moreover, you can find Giant size shoe up to Size 13 for this range.

Pallas Model 307-0186BK

Pallas shoe have great Quick Dry Ventilation System.  Cooling feet with the unique ventilation system designed.
Feet are the foundation of the body, and just like the foundation of any structure, they must be stable and balanced in order to support the all of the body's weight.. That’s why we need to have a Special insole cushion with "Arch Support" that gives us extra comfort protection.

It has Proven extra light weight "X-Light", thus kids can maintain good posture and a more comfortable wearing experience.

I will strongly recommend Pallas school shoe because of the good quality, value and giving extra comfort for my children daily wear.  A good supportive school shoe should be a priority to aid their growth and development. I choose the above 2 shoes for my children as it looks like sports shoes and lightweight too.

We can purchase from Pallas Online Website & also major department stores in town like AEON Supermarket, MYDIN, TESCO Hyper.

Find out more at Pallas website : www.pallas.com.my

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