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Beach & Sunset at Carey Island, Selangor?

When people talk about Carey Island, we would often think about sandy beaches. Today we explore what's in Carey Island, an hour from Kuala Lumpur, I could say Carey Island "beach" its a pretty nice place to watch sunset, to get a quick glance and nothing else. Its not a beach, you can see like a hoarding of rocks that separates the water and the land. 

Here we are getting ourselves a we-fie before heading for dinner at Night Bus 127, Banting. Do expect some locals, some orang asli chilling, one or two photographers and even families sight seeing the sunset. 

My gentlemen here using a stick, expecting to dig some treasures, but only getting trashes stuck in between rocks. Maybe a bin would be helpful in this area as leftover food and trash are attracting flies and it's quite dirty. Be mindful on exposed steel bars and woods that might lead to a tripped if you didn't watch out your steps. 

Along the road before heading to the "beach" is pretty scenic, lots of palm trees, and occasionally you can see monkeys swinging at the wiring poles, getting attentions from the cars that passes by.

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