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My Chic Red Mojology gaming chair

Nowadays, people do not sit straight as they say they cant find a comfortable chair, even my son says that. He always wanted a gaming chair to spice up his gaming setup. Is there any gaming chair that can provide comfort and serve the purpose as a gaming chair? 

Recently, I bought this gaming chair called Mojolite, from Mojology. It is a gaming chair that gives you comfort while performing any task on your computer or even reading books. Mojolite gaming chair is a entry level gaming chair that is suitable for beginner gamers. It's retail price is RM 599, now with a limited time offer for only RM 399. You will also receive a free gaming mouse on some limited units.

This chair has a 3 mode adjustable back rest, which can give you a working, movie and relax mode, which can fulfill all your basic needs by just adjusting the back rest. whats so special about gaming chairs is their higher backrest, which lets you rest your head. The backrest also comes with 2 pillows to support your neck and your back.

Compared to other gaming chairs, this chair has a wider backrest, which is suitable for most of the Asian body size and providing a comfortable resting place for your shoulders. If you are a racing game lover, this type of chair is very good for you as the shape of the chair resembles the chair of racing cars.

This chair also has a SGS certified gas lift, which can load up to 150 kg. So it is suitable for light and heavy people alike. The chair itself is very sturdy and solid.

(don't mind me I'm just constructing the chair)

This chair is made of long lasting PU leather, which provides the extra comfort and is also very durable.  the armrests are also made with PU leather instead of plastic and will lower down with the backrest when being adjusted. This chair is available in 2 color variants which is crimson black and snow white black.

His verdict

In my opinion, I love my Red Mojology Lite gaming chair as it provides me full comfort when doing anything on the computer. The ergonomic shape makes my back more comfortable and relaxed. The look of this chair gives my gaming setup trendy and brings a good vibe when gaming.  

Please check out their FB page at Mojology and it can be purchased at their shopee stall https://shopee.com.my/mojology.os.

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