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Bringing my turtles to the Vet, again. This time is Taya's turn

2 months after my male turtle "Tank" got sick, The female one that I named it Taya started showing symptoms similar to it's male companion 2 months ago, such as not swimming, not eating and constantly tired. I decided to bring her to the vet as well as the male one for a checkup.

Instead of a small container, this time I use a bucket to transport them both. Upon reaching the vet's I have to sit down and wait for some time as there are some customers today with pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs and parrots as this is a vet for exotic animals. 

When it is my turn, The veterinarian did a check up on the female one and told me that my turtle has a ulcer at her foot and some similar problems like "Tank". Taya also got some allergies but not as bad as Tank. She did not get any injections but did get some medicine. Taya behaves very aggressive while the veterinarian examines her body as she is constantly trying to bite us with a *snap* 

My female turtle has shell rot, so the veterinarian gave me some vitamins for her to bask in and some vitamins.  I also treated her shell using iodine which I learnt online. The veterinarian did a check up on Tank too and he is completely healthy. with no symptoms of infections. I was given some antibacterial, a syringe to feed my turtle medicine and the vitamins.

Medicines that the veterinarian gave

Tank getting a check-up

After I brought her back, I have to separate Taya from Tank into a quarantine tank to avoid any spreading in case of any contagious infections. After 1 week of feeding her medicine and treating her, she starts to recover and now she is feeling well again. 

Thanks Dr Yap!

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