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Learn Through Play at Singapore Science Centre & Exploring Butterflies Up-Close

Science Centre Singapore​ is a place where you can play and learn at Singapore. It is a place that shows many interactive science objects that you can experience and amazed by what it does. It has topics about illusions, pollution, our planet, natural disasters, lights and more. We went for half day and one trip will never be enough to experience all. We would love to be back again. Let us walk you through inside of Science Centre Singapore! 


This place consist of 2 floors, very big and there are many things to explore. Unfortunately, it closes at 1:00 in the afternoon for sanitization due to the pandemic. Thus you may not be able to explore all of the areas at the designated time, either 10 am to 1pm (morning session) or 2pm to 5pm (afternoon session). You will need a new ticket for each time session. No re-entry. 

If you are a fan of illusions, you can go to the illusion exhibit. It is the first one upon entrance. It shows shadow illusions and static paper dinosaurs that follows your eyes. There are pillars that resemble human body shape too. 

In the middle, there is a black and white circle spinning. if you stare at it for 20 seconds and look away, the wall gets distorted. Some of the exhibits there also tests your sensory.

Kids love this rotating sculpture. As it rotates, it gives a different shadow image - dragon, butterfly and plane.

More Illusions fun place.

In the middle of the whole science centre, there is an area which showcases some science objects like a ladder made of electricity, a wave maker and an object that can make smoke rings. It is then links to other areas like a café and other exhibits.

Trying the smoke rings maker

There is an area that showcases a waterfall made out of screens or projectors. It simulates a natural waterfall ecosystem. Right beside is a flight simulator that you can enjoy. 

This is a display where they show a round rotating sculpture. When it rotates really fast, the light will blink and you can see an animation. It is really amazing to watch.

Earth Alive is an area that showcases the nature of our planet and natural disasters. There are small scale replicas of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and many more. There is a chamber that you can stand in to feel the winds of a typhoon. Kids can learn how mountains are formed and see how rocks look like under a microscope. You can see a small scale tornado there too.

Near the earth alive zone, there is an area that you have to pedal to charge up the light. When it is fully charged, stand in front of the light until it flashes. You can see an afterimage of your body on the wall.

Everyone has fears. You can learn about it at the Phobia exhibit. It showcases phobia like trypophobia, claustrophobia, arachnophobia and many more. There is even experiences that shows the phobia and how to overcome it. We got jump scared by a a video that shows a forest and a tiger suddenly appears.
Towards the exhibit, there is a tunnel that slowly shrinks. You have to go through that to go to the next area that showcases types of monsters such as the vampire, werewolf, Orang Minyak and more. Pretty interesting.

Ever curious where your poop goes after every flush, there is an exhibit showing facts about our poo and how we dispose it. There are displays of different types of poop and what it means. This area also shows how people in the past defecate and there is a replica of a truck that carries poop too. If your kids are bored, there is a small playground with a ball pit with brown balls. 

Next is the mirror maze is a very entertaining zone that challenges you to find the exit in the maze. Inside the maze there are some exhibits that shows the science of light such as a lightbulb that cant be touched but you can see it. There are things that make the maze more challenging like fake exits and sometimes thinking another person is just a reflection and accidentally hitting them. there are some domes in the middle of it. The exit is a normal white dome leading to a few doorways. each one of them showcases light science while one of them is the exit. Throughout the maze a voice of a professor will speak to you and tell you about light science, mostly at exhibits inside. Upon exiting, a picture of the professor will greet you outside. Don't worry about bumping into mirrors as they provide you with short pool noodles to test the walls. We spent the longest time here as the pictures that we took inside this maze is just overwhelming. ;) Different angle, different lighting.  

You are out when you sees this sign.

To cover this place in speed, and since Jaden are more into bigger boy science venture, April loves another area that is less complicated - its call the Tinkering. 

A simpler manual pinball machine. ok - another "dont want to leave" session

And yes, she continue with the paper propeller session - don't want to leave even after 30 min playing with the wind chamber that you put a self made paper propeller and let it fly, pick it up and put in the middle and it fly again. Lots of laughter here - Do expect more kids here as it's never a boring moment - they will try to compete with each other and have fun. The paper propeller can fly very high reassembles the technology on how helicopter works. Layman term - as I didn't manage to read it - only able to take a quick look at some pictures. Busy picking up the paper propeller and making sure the propeller is in good shape and fly - so that we can move on to the next stop and find the boys as it's almost time.

This marble machine is just next. One can spent like 30 min to an hour exploring this as it has all the wooden planks, pipes, marbles, bells and other accessories that you can place on the wall to make the base and run through the marble from top, and it will make its way to the bottom. We miss this as its pretty time consuming. 

Butterflies up-close is another paid entrance area. Tickets can be purchased as a combo with science centre, but you have to visit within the 3 hour entry. Showcases butterflies, here you can watch butterflies fly around freely. Some of them may land on your hand and you can take some good pictures. You can witness butterfly larvae, pupae and the butterfly's life cycle. It is all real and you are not allowed to touch them. You can see them eat on a table where fruits are placed for them. This is a great place for kids to see butterflies easily. Thus the name, Butterflies Up-Close! Do watch them out on the floor, not to step on any. 

This is a small place. Well, is it worth for a visit? Maybe not to have it as combo - if you need more time to see the details. We just love spending time inside, watching the butterfly. Small area with lots of beautiful butterfly. 

This is a manual video that you can steer - to look at the life cycle of the butterfly clearly - step by step and pretty fascinating.

Game area outside Butterfly close up area to win paper soaps in a small nice container as souvenir!

Here are some area that we touch and go during the visit due to limited time. 

The exit will lead you straight to the gift shop where you can find all sorts of gifts such as rubix cubes, souvenirs, science toys, 3d pens, books and many more. You can take your time here as it will not close right after the centre closes. 

There are some vending machine for gold coin souvenirs and prize dispensers outside the centre. Food and orange juice vending machines also can be found.

Facilities? Good as they have a locker just right outside before the entrance to store your belongings so that you can enjoy the science centre hands free (without all the shopping bags if this is your 2nd stop of the day). Wheelchairs, strollers and buggies are for loan which makes it very convenient for elderly and babies. Toilets are clean and located inside the science centre.

Toilets are provided inside

There is an outdoor kinetic garden that you can explore. Right beside that place, there is a small water park for kids to play if you have more time. We miss this as getting lunch at 1.15pm, then heading to Snow City which is just 10 min walk from Singapore Science Centre.

For more info, visit: https://www.science.edu.sg/

Where is this?
15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081

Ticket prices: 
Adult:$6.00 for Singaporean and $12.00 for non-Singaporean
Children 3 to 12 years:$4 for Singaporean and $8 for non Singaporean
Senior citizen aged 60 and above:$4 for Singaporean and $12 for non Singaporean

Butterflies up-close ticket prices(both Singaporean and non-Singaporean is same price)
Children aged 3 to 12:$14
Senior citizen aged 60 and above:$14

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