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Age beautifully with Liveon and Liver care with Tigros Livetal

I love to eat late night, mala or peppercorns dishes are my favourite with a few glass of beer. I can eat that weekly. Some says its bad for liver and I couldn't help but to google some supplement or drinks that can help to protect my liver. With this, I had also bump to some anti-aging products online.

As time goes by, we age and our internal and external organs start to deteriorate. Only with a healthy body, we can live the life we dream of. Do you know? The food we consume daily will be converted into sugar, the source of energy that allows us to carry out our daily activities. Excess and unused sugar we consume drifts freely and binds to the protein inside our body‒this process is known as "Glycation". The denaturation of protein will form advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

AGEs damage the DNA cells and affect the cells to function normally. 

This will cause the cells in our body and organs to age. Imbalanced food intake, lack of exercise, stress, and ageing factor can contribute to excess amount of AGEs and speed up the ageing of cells, leading to melanin production and ageing skin. 

To combat glycation, I read that Wellous formulated a new product, LIVEON. 

Sachets in a box, it make it so easy for consumption!

Just peel off the top and drink on the spot. Perfect to put in handbags for busy ladies

I took 1 sachet per day after meal. The texture is watery and not sour. It's like tinted tumeric water with a dash of fruity flavour. LIVEON is made up of 3 major patented antioxidant ingredients, namely Enzogenol® pine bark extract, Superoxide Dismutase, and Sirtmax black turmeric extract.

After 2 weeks consumption, I can feel I got more energy to run daily errands and I am sure overtime, I can see improvement on my skin texture - well, also I need to have a balance diet and enough rest to make these supplement more beneficial.

It's available here at their website and do check out their bulk purchase promo! https://www.wellous.com/quality_products/LIVEON

Do you know that Liver is indeed that most easily "polluted" organ in our body!

Stressful environment and the convenience of fast food are undoubtedly few of the main factors that increases the burden of our liver. With the endless socializing events nowadays, people are always staying up late and consuming lots of unhealthy foods, without knowing that all these can actually cause severe damage to the liver!

I took these whenever I got a week of entertainment, lack of sleep, stress to protect my liver. Yes agree that we can't see from within, but the sign of tiredness, yellowish eye and sign of disturbed sleep may indicate liver stress too. 

Added Tigros Livetal to my diet that I got from this link https://www.wellous.com/quality_products/LIVETAL and hope to see a good effect in the longer run! For now, I feel good to know that these are my liver antioxidant to help my liver functions better!

Taking 1-2 sachets per day

So convenient!

Taste a lot like tumeric water, LiveTAL ingredients are Antromax® Antrodia Cinnamomea Mycelium, Turmeric Extract, Radix Buplueri Root Extract and Astragulus Membranaceus Root Extract

Happy with these 2 purchases! Try it yourself too!

For more info, do check out:

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