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Yukazan Medical Cool Gel Patch - treat fever with instant cooling effect

It could be a hassle for parents to bring their kids for activities with the hot weather here in Malaysia. The heat is unbearable, even for adults. It is not an easy task for us to maintain our hydration level, especially for the kids. As we all know, drinking 8 glasses of water per day is essential for us to stay hydrated. Alternatively, a medical cool gel patch could come in handy to help us lower down our body temperature!

Yukazan Fevercare is made with ECO friendly patented 360° Hydrogel that is soft and breathable and with fast cooling effect for up to 8 hours. It uses latest transdermal patch technology from Japan, which holds more than 80% water content. It uses physical principle to remove heat through vaporisation of the moisture in the gel. This method is more comfortable than an ice pack and more effective than using a cool cloth in pulling heat from the body.

Most importantly, it is gentle to the skin and not only used to reduce your body heat, but also can be used when you have a headache, toothache, sultry nights, working under the hot weather, and even for flushed skin after sports. All you need to do is to remove the transparent film and tightly affix the gel cooling surface to the desired body part, you may cut to a suitable size if necessary. Moreover, they come in eco-friendly amber blister packaging that provides excellent UV and blue light protection that protect the content from UV rays and blue light. Given the natural qualities, no harmful chemicals can leach into the products. It has strict standard quality assurance and MDA approved.

It comes in both 2 and 6-pieces packaging for adults and kids. For kids, the highlight is that it comes in a smaller shape and curved edge design that fits perfectly onto kids’ foreheads and this gel patch is recommended for kids aged 3 months and above. 

Joyce Lee, Managing Director of MKA Joycare Sdn. Bhd. said Malaysia experienced an increase in temperature from July to September earlier this year. The highest temperature rises to 36 degrees centigrade, and high temperatures will cause heat stroke. A condition caused by your body overheating. This is the reason why Yukazan Fevercare is here to cool down your body temperature, no more worries about high temperature ruining your day.

Him Law, the Hong Kong celebrity, was amazed by Fevercare medical cool gel patch, knowing that it contains more than 80% water content. He expressed that it felt so cool and comfortable, after he tested by applying on his neck during Fevercare launch event on 24th December 2022 at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.  He also said that the kid’s Fevercare product looks like eye mask where we can place at the area under our eyes for soothing purposes after a long day of work. 

Yukazan Fevercare products are now available at major pharmacies, Lazada and Shopee online store. Kindly click on the below Facebook link for more information on Yukazan Fevercare products:  https://www.facebook.com/officialYukazan

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