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Good probiotic for the family - all from GKB

I am looking around for good probiotic to consume due to indigestion and was comtemplating as there are so many products, be it the tradional ginger drinks, milk base drinks, probiotics, and even berries drink. There is this links that captured me which shares about 8 Health Benefits of Probiotics. It says that Probiotics are friendly bacteria that may help support healthy digestion and offer other benefits to our overall health and benefits for weight loss, digestive health, immune function and more. Probiotics are known as live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. Also more and more studies show that the balance or imbalance of bacteria in our digestive system is linked to overall health and disease.

Checking this GKB page at website and there are also GKB Fb , Instagram , TikTok or YouTube has a wide range of probiotics products. Its about tells that GKB (GK Bio International Sdn. Bhd.) was established in 2018 which is a joint venture between All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation and Grape King Bio from Taiwan.  All their products are HALAL certified and are safe and they uses more than 40% medicinal mushrooms and probiotic strains in its products which means products are 100% natural, residue-free, chemical-free and side-effect free.

Gotten myself some of these - well almost half of the range as very kiasu - so that my whole family can benefit from probiotics for our indigestion due to late dinner or skipping breakfast and fast pace lifestyle. 

The greatest advantage of GKB probiotics is that they are manufactured with antioxidant multilayer encapsulation technology and in granular form. GKB is the only health supplement company with 4 multilayer coating for its probiotics, to ensure the probiotics enter the intestines and intact at high survival rate. Besides, the granular form of probiotics helps reduce the risk of choking, and the probiotics can be taken directly or mixed with beverages.

GKB G-Pro Gold

For severe gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Benefits of G-Pro Gold:

  • Supportguthealth (gastroprotection)
  • Reduce acute gastric injury
  • Enhance gastric mucin production
  • Enhance intestinal mucosal barrier function
  • Reduce the ability of H.pyloriattachment
  • Relieve IBS symptoms
  • Prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhoea(AAD)

I purchase this as a backup at home. Had given my mum in law consume for a week and it help her with her gastric pain.

GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus


  • Reduces skin sensitivity such as atopic eczema
  • Relieve allergy symptoms
  • Helps in vaginal infection
  • Improve overall immunity
  • Maintain healthy gut
  • Relieve constipation and diarrhea

Suitable for people with skin problems, includes eczema, dermatitis, suffering from vaginal infection and urinary tract infection, also Traveler’s diarrhea. 

As for me, after consuming it reduce vaginal discharge and a good news definitely.

GKB Probio+


  • Improve intestinal environment
  • Alleviate constipation and diarrhea
  • Enhance immune system
  • Daily health maintenance
  • Suitable for whole family

Love this Probio+ the most as its for my whole family for immune system. While me and my daughter had jist recovered from covid, this will give us better immune.

GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3 is a probiotic that can help to reduce visceral fat and weight loss. It contains 40 billion CFU Probiotic with high dose 200mg of Lactobacillus Plantarum. It will colonize your gut and block the absorption of lipid (triglyceride, cholesterol) leading to removal in faeces (result in oily faeces). It is vegetarian friendly as the ingredient is fermented from Brassica Juncea.

Research proved that GKM3 can effectively reduce body fat in 6 weeks! 


  • Reduce body fat.
  • Lower triglyceride & cholesterol.
  • Improve bowel movement.
  • Relief constipation.
  • Reduce appetite.
  • Enhance immune system.
  • Improve skin gloss.

I would say after consuming, it gives a glow on my complexion. That is the more prominent after a week and improve on bowel movement.

GKB Probizymes


  • Alleviate indigestion symptoms (bloating, burping, heartburn)
  • Improve digestive functions
  • After consuming “big meal”
An after big meal must have as it helps with my indigestion. 

Where to Get This?


These products are available at all major pharmacies in Malaysia, including Alpro Pharmacy

GKB Official Selling Platform: All major pharmacies in Malaysia, including Central: Alpro Pharmacy, M CARE Pharmacy, Leo Pharmacy Melaka: Alpro Pharmacy, Farmasi Big Tree, Farmasi Limbongan, Farmasi Tanjung Minyak Penang: Alpro Pharmacy, MEDS & VITS Pharmacy, Pure Pharmacy, NuCare Pharmacy, Bliss Pharmacy, Guan Pharmacy, Island Retail Pharmacy Perak: Alpro Pharmacy, HTM Pharmacy East Coast: Alpro Pharmacy, Lau & Tan Pharmacy, Farmasi Nazen, Farmasi Ehsan Southern: Alpro Pharmacy, The One Pharmacy, You Pharmacy, AcePro Pharmacy Sabah: Alpro Pharmacy, LifePlus Pharmacy, Pearl Pharmacy Sarawak: Alpro Pharmacy, Trinity Pharmacy, Hometown Pharmacy, Mana Pharmacy For latest list of pharmacies, please see https://www.mygkb.com/Article/Detail/1188

Do check out GKB social media too:

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