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Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream calms the eczema flare-ups

When it comes to sensitive and eczema prone skin, I would think of Mustela cream. Eczema could happen in babies and even adult due to environment, individual skin condition and parents and care takers like us find it challenging.

I love Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream as its part of a topical symptomatic treatment that helps reduce the symptoms of eczema by relief of skin redness and itchiness, by relieves and calms irritated and damaged skin. It’s suitable for infants, children and even adults.

Mustela Stelatopia® Intense cream contains Ectoin® which helps reduce inflammatory reactions and supports the skin's regeneration process. It calms the eczema flare-ups of all family members.

I use it on my skin and daughter skin for a month now and my eczema due to my frequent expose to dishwashing liquid has improved a lot. Best is its non-greasy texture is absorbed quickly, Fragrance-free, cortisone-free, preservative-free, paraben-free and this cream contains 93% of ingredients of natural origin.

Do check it out at: Stelatopia Intense: Anti-itching eczema cream | Mustela

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