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Today, Goodday Charge announced Malaysia’s 1st Smoothie Gym for Kids, located in KidZania, Kuala Lumpur. Believing that the healthy development of a child comes from a holistic approach, Goodday’s Smoothie Gym supports KidZania’s realistic role-play experience by introducing the element of fitness and nutrition as a rewarding part of a person's day. 

Teaming up with KidZania, this innovative smoothie gym allows children to pedal bicycles, powering the blender's dynamo to create two delicious milk smoothies; Goodday Charge Chocolate Milk Smoothie OR Goodday Milk Strawberry Smoothie, infused with Goodday Charge’s delicious chocolate milk with energy, enriched with Vitamin B and other essential nutrients for sustained energy levels. In the context of real life, this would be someone spending their salary on a gym membership, with a healthy smoothie as a reward after each workout. Amy Gan (Vice President of Marketing, Etika) 

On top of providing a window into the working life of an adult, Goodday Charge also hopes that this experience will teach children the value of investing time and money into habits that bring positive value to their lives. Amy Gan, VP of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, expressed the company's philosophy and motivations in installing the smoothie gym. In a statement, Gan said, “Goodday’s Smoothie Gym is the first of its kind in Malaysia, which will help promote what we believe to be a good representation of a healthy adult life. Teaching children the value of work by earning KidZos, the benefits of exercise by pedalling to blend their smoothies, and then a reward at the end of the day which does not compromise on your health.” “As parents, we want children to understand that a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise, is important. We make exercise more fun and rewarding with this Smoothie Gym.

 Goodday Charge is an excellent fitness partner, providing essential nutrition, particularly Vitamin B, for sustainable energy levels.” Also taking place today was the handing over of the Key To The City by the Mayor of KidZania, Ali Hassan to Vice President of Marketing for Etika Sdn Bhd, Amy Gan officially welcoming Goodday Charge to the city as a Purpose Partner providing children with engaging activities and skill that can be used in real life. Ali Hassan, Mayor of KidZania Kuala Lumpur said, “We commend Goodday Charge’s efforts today, which aligns with our core values. By establishing this gym, we hope to not only get the children pedalling to a better future, but also educate parents on the benefits of providing a wholesome and balanced development. 

Kidzania Kuala Lumpur welcomes all children to come and experience Goodday’s 1st Smoothie Gym themselves.” “We want to thank Goodday Charge for becoming our Purpose Partner, joining an illustrious list of brands that have and still continue to make an impact in children’s lives. We look forward to more initiatives from them. Their creativity and passion for the healthy development of children is clear and reminds us at KidZania of why we do what we do.” 

For more information and other initiatives by Goodday, visit www.facebook.com/gooddaymilkmalaysia or www.instagram.com/gooddaymilkmy.

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