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ONG - ALS Babbling Comedy from Korea Live in KL comedy Fest 2015

Thanks Chris for the awesome ticket.
Super hilarious as we repeat the scene over n over in the car with the kids.  A true bonding for everyone. Coming back from the show,  we dig their video on youtube and still laughing. Of course, to be witness it live, is totally a different experience and would be cherished at all time.

Digging on,  hubby further for its background and me busy checking out at their handsome non theater face on instagram. Love their talent.

Ong-als has been around since 2007. We was like wow!  It really took lots of training,  persistence,  patience and team work to make it happen to international stage. Very very inspirational.

Reviewing our routine,  reflecting our lives,  we had a lot to learn. Everything in our live inspires us. We just need to find one who does the most.

I am a big fan of NANTA back in Korea but Ong-als taken some of the share now.   Almost all. Can't emphasize this more,  if they are happen to be in your country,  it's a well worth show to watch with your family.  Like X 1000000000 times.  Laughter from beginning till ending. When they pronounce 'END' you would want more.... addictive.

Ok skip the drama. But it was really great guys. Here is the official write-up to share:

Ong-als is a highly entertaining,  skillful and inventive production,  Babbling comedy,  Korean quartets, Ong-als, display impressive slapstick,  clown,  mime, exaggerated physical comedy,  beat box brilliance and exceptional juggling abilities.

 The team need not utter a word,  only by reaction can put a big smile to all of us. Big note: Jaden was crying for hotdog bread opposite the photo booth,  but they manage to make him chuckles in split seconds. :)

Ong-als took the stage and crowd away. :)

Missing them.  Do come back for more!! All the best and Thank you again for the lovely afternoon!

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