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Systema New 3D Clean 0.02mm Toothbrush

Systema 3D Roadshow
3rd of Oct 2 PM – 3 PM @ One Utama Ground Floor

Hot, cold, crunchy, sweet…every taste and texture imaginable, the unique mix of cultures has created one of (if not) the most diverse food in the world.

Which means for Malaysians, our mouths have the toughest job in the world? With so many different kinds of food we consumer every day, imagine what our teeth goes through. Bits of rendang, fried chicken or vegetable stuck in between our teeth, or nasi lemak, sweet kuih coating our teeth and gum lines, often making our whole mouth feels like it needs a thorough scrubbing… 

If this food is not efficiently removed especially in the hard to reach places such as the gum pockets, in-between teeth and your back teeth; plaque will build up and will be tough to clean since ordinary round tip bristled toothbrushes struggle to reach them resulting in accumulation of plaque that can lead to cavities and gum diseases.

Besides testing the latest innovation, we have the opportunity to
* Get an oral care check not the traditional way but with the state of the art dental camera which allows us to view our teeth condition while being consulted by the dentist

Sharing his thought on the new innovation of Systema 3D Clean

Range of Systema Toothbrush

Features of 0.02mm Multi-Cleaning 3D Bristles
- Reach back teeth better to scrape away more plague
- Clean teeth surface better
- Penetrates in between teeth to remove stuck food pieces
- Penetrate deeper into gum lines to remove 9x more plaque
- Remove bad breath causing bacteria

Jaden says:

By the way he is real happy that he can use Systema toothbrush already. Feel like a grown up, he keep telling that the che che in the roadshow say he can convert from his kids toothbrush to this.

My Verdict:
Good bristle, love love love the colours and nice to hold grip.
Hubby feel tat he still prefer the old longer brush due to the size. Can brush better.
We are Systema user. I like the 0.02 bristle as it really help to take away the particles in between tooth and always leave the tooth clean. ;)

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