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Daddy's Deh Bao.....

Daddy kiss kiss ar.. so happy oh..deh bao...want carry carry meh? Hehe..No doubt u stick to Daddy, till now only call "papa" and "diiii".. how about "mama", "miiii"??? Aiii.. only mum mum you will come to mumy, not to mentioned when u shee shee and poo... Haizzz.....

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  1. jgn jealous..he noe even to call me yik yik!!..ahhaha...sound like taik eh? teach him properly la..adui..hehe,,,really manja betahan

    i laugh loud abit je dia nangis..banyak sai tam la..must ajar dia la..aiyoyoyoo...later manja manja tak cukup 'man' ni..hahah

  2. hahahhaha.. true also like "taik" sound oh.. u dont say also I wouldn't have thought of that...kakkakakaka...




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