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Jaden's first Fever....

Ayoyo... Hi All, I got sick d...Popo say I got fever and mummy bring me to see doctor.. Something on my armpit, mummy called it thermometer - cool and dont I look funny (thats the reason behind the caption loh) Mummy say I look like those "si lai" buying vege from the market; holding those long purse under the armpit. It cost mummy RM74 for one manual stick of thermometer, one nasal spray, one bottle each for fever and flu..(worse thing is doc say I am too young for medication; so all those medicine only can be taken if my fever reaches 37.5-38, otherwise the heat from my body only indicates fighting of germs and viral by my own body. But once I got back home, after a heavy rain endeavour, I am so energetic, no one thought I would have fever..sigh... This morning mummy called popo and say i am too smart..too smart and dont think I am sick at all. I manage to pluck the plastic flower from popo's pot in her bedroom after so many times attempt. I was about to taste the fake flower, but popo came and take it away...Maybe next attempt eh...Haha
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  1. ohhh hope he's recovering well by now...
    when rachael is about jaden's age, our paedac didnt gv her medicine as well cos she's too small...

    perhaps can try appeton's multivitamin for infants. it boosts their immune system :-)




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