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Like father Like Son???

It's a fine Sunday. Daddy went for uncle Teen Aik's wedding lunch while you and me are at Sentul popo's place. Daddy meet us later at 5pm and we decide to bring you out for a fast stroll at the Garden Mid Valley before heading to Puchong. We had our dinner at this Taiwan restaurant which I longed to bring your daddy there. Ofcourse you get your favourite cheese bun I bought at LG floor before our fine meal. You munch the bun, has rice with soup and some fish meat. The interesting story begins when you saw a pretty baby girl about your age at the next table. Who would have thought a baby like you would scream and shout for her attention? You waved at her (we saw you!) and babbling those baby-alien words, and wow! She responded, and both of you are communicating, she yelled and did the same, and there is an undefined-connection. Daddy can't help it but asked you "Jaden, Where's your girlfriend?", and whoah... you actually pointed to the baby girl. We wink to each other - nodded indeed you ARE our big boy now... ;D

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  1. wah kecil kecil sudah tau kao lui..byk gatal ah..hehe..mau yee yee teach u ah?