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Happy Birthday Lil' One....

Gheezz... Mummy's baby now is one years old...How time flies..Still remember your first cry and by no time, you are now one. Lets see how far Mummy remember your growth and reflects what you've achieve so far. You've getting taller and taller; smiles a lot; braver - not afraid of storm and grilling noise from renovations; smarter I must say. And yet some contrary to the above listed - you are lazier at times; pin point to other thing when we are mean and you've got scolded on your misbehaviour; climbing out from the wooden crib and walker (should we justify this as achievement or otherwise?)


  1. the cake so sedap..ooo...hehhe..big boy alr..cannot be lazy ah..and must be berani abit like yee yee tau..heheh...love that family pic..so nice..